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The Griffin is a minor character in the animated movie, "Hercules". A ferocious beast, sent by Hades to eliminate Hercules, although he was easily knocked out by the demi-god's powers. The Griffin plays it's first, but minor role, in Disney Villains War - Part Two.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three


When Jafar fights off Jose Porla, he summons the Griffin, the Minotaur and the Red Bull to his cause. He had the monsters attacking Jose. However, they were all beaten up by Jose's abilities and skills. Later, Jose summons deadly evil spirits to evaporate the monsters of Jafar, including the Griffin, much to Jafar's frustration.

Disney Villains War 2

Monsters Battle

The Griffin appears as one of the children of Echidna. During the events of the second war, Hades orders to the mother of all beasts to destroy Frollo's empire with her children. Echidna then moves in Paris with her children to defeat Frollo's forces. The Griffin, accompanied by Stheno and the Minotaur, faces the hunter, McLeach and his captured animal, Tublat. Before the Griffin interacts, Tublat uses his skills to knock out the three monsters, leaving Echidna to deal with the rest forces of Frollo personally. It is unknown what happened to the monsters, after their ultimate defeat.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

The Battle for Agrabah

The Griffin appears briefly as one of the monsters, summoned by the Genie, on Jafar's orders, to get rid off the heroes. The Griffin confronts the former captain of the guards of Agrabah, Razoul. Razoul fights the beast, with his swordmanship abilities, leaving the Griffin unconsious for the time being. Unfortunately, with the loss of one of their partners, the Griffin, along with the rest of the monsters, which were summoned by the Genie, reduces into dust, much to Jafar's dismay.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Transformers vs Disney and Non-Disney Villains

The Griffin, accompanied by the Minotaur and Stheno