The Giant is a villain from WCW.

In the show he was a member of The Dungeon of doom. He was one of the most prominent Heels in the Stable and considered himself Hulk Hogen nemesis.

He is a minor player in "Worst Villain Tournament Ever"

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

One day, The Master of the Dungeon of Doom wanted to recruit Dr. Nefarious into his team, so they could end Hulkamania for once and all. So he sent Taskmaster and The Giant to destroy Nefarious, The Giant almost destroyed Nefarious, but he was destroyed by his giant robot.

Few Rounds later, he was resurrected by Dungeon Of Doom's ally Sorceress. Then he attacked to Nefarious's base along with The Shark and Big Bubba Rogers, but there they met the Horrible Machine. The Giant destroyed it after Big Bubba had put the machine's janitor Monni into a submission move.

Later, he walked in the Nefarious's base, where he met Cassiopeia, the leader of The Valkyries. Because she was in her flying machine The Giant had problems to fight her, but Sorceress came and fought against Cassiopeia for him. The Giant then removed the fuel tank's link, which caused Cassiopeia's machine to malfunct and destroy itself.


  • He was the first player to lose.(Although he did come back later.)
  • He was also first character in tournament to be woken up from dead.
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