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(from left to right) Big Billy, Little Arturo, Ace, Snake, and Grubber.

The Gangreen Gang are a group of green teenage boys, who often commit petty crimes. Their current membership consists of Ace, Snake, Big Billy, Little Arturo, and Grubber.

Disney Vs Non Disney

Vs The Fearsome Five

After the fall of Cruella DeVille's criminal empire, Negaduck and The Fearsome Five took control, Ace realizes that The Gangreen Gang would be eliminated by Negaduck's new syndicate, and goes to Hades for help. Hades agrees to assist the boys by giving them super powers matching those of The Fearsome Five. Ace is given ice abilities, Snake can elongate, Arturo has super speed, Grubber has supersonic belches, and Billy becomes a rock. With these powers, the gang infiltrates Negaduck's headquarters and defeats The Fearsome Five, though Negaduck manages to escape.