180px-Gangreen Gang

(from left to right) Big Billy, Little Arturo, Ace, Snake, and Grubber.

The Gangreen Gang are a group of green teenage boys, who often commit petty crimes. Their current membership consists of Ace, Snake, Big Billy, Little Arturo, and Grubber.

Disney Vs Non Disney

Vs The Fearsome Five

After the fall of Cruella de Vil's criminal empire, Negaduck and The Fearsome Five take control of the criminal underworld. Ace realizes that the Gangreen Gang will be eliminated by Negaduck's new syndicate, and goes to Hades for help. Hades agrees to assist the boys by giving them superpowers matching those of the Fearsome Five; however, there is an undisclosed catch to the bargain. Ace is given ice abilities; Snake is able to elongate himself, Arturo develops super speed; Grubber possesses supersonic belches; Billy can turn into a rock. With these powers, the gang infiltrates Negaduck's headquarters. Ace soundly takes out Bushroot's plant minions, whilst Snake strangles Bushroot himself. Though the Liquidator grabs ahold of Lil' Arturo, a belch from Grubber sends Megavolt stumbling into the aquatic villain. As a result, Lil' Arturo escapes while Megavolt and the Liquidator knock each other out. Big Billy's rock appearance actually frightens Quackerjack, leaving only Negaduck. Rather than fight an uneven battle, the mallard wisely escapes.

A Failed Alliance

Hoping to find protection in the brewing villain conflict, The Gangreen Gang travels to the island of Senor Senior Senior, to propose an alliance. Senor Senior, off put by the Gang's crude demeanor, rejects this offer. Humiliated, and insulted, The Gangreen Gang manipulates Fuzzy Lumpkins into attacking Senior's island. However, Lumpkins is defeated by Senior's superior technology.


Angered that The Gangreen Gang had not done anything to repay him for giving them their powers, Hades contacted The Weird Sisters in hope of forcing the Gang into a payment. After The Weird Sisters confront The Gangreen Gang, a battle breaks out between the two groups. Although The Gangreen Gang quickly gains the upper-hand, the sisters use their magic to strip the Gang of their abilities, leaving them powerless. Unable to defend themselves, The Gangreen Gang is then beaten into submission by The Weird Sisters and their magic.


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