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The Fearsome Five is a faction of five villains, usually organized by Negaduck, trying to seize power and control. The most popular incarnation of the Fearsome Five comes from the series, Darkwing Duck, and is composed of Negaduck, Bushroot, the Liquidator, Megavolt, and Quackerjack. However, in certain instances, the Fearsome Five has been reformed with Negaduck and other Disney villains. The Fearsome Five, as a faction, has participated in several villains wars, notably in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War.


Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

A Loss to the Gangreen Gang

After the fall of Cruellla de Vil and Madam Medusa, Negaduck and the rest of the Five take their opportunity to take over the criminal underworld. The Gangreen Gang, a group of local street toughs, realizes they are no match for the Five's abilities, thus fleeing the neighborhood. While the Fearsome Five rests on its laurels, however, the Gang acquires magical powers from Hades. The Gang then interrupts one of the Five's heists, with the intention of taking over global crime rackets. Though Negaduck convinces his henchmen to fight back, they are soundly defeated. Ace, leader of the Gang, wipes out Bushroot's plants, whilst his friend, Snake, strangles Bushroot himself. The Liquidator manages to get ahold of the smallest gang member, Lil' Arturo, another member of the gang, Gruber, sends the water being colliding with Megavolt. The Five's members' powers cancel each other out, leaving both unconscious. Quackerjack, for his part, is so frightened of the final member of the Gangreen Gang, Big Billy, that he leaves himself wide open to be knocked out. Negaduck escapes to fight another day.

Disney Villains War

Disney Villains War 2

Disney Villains 3

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part 2

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part 2

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Hired by Dr. Pretorious

Dr. Pretorious decides to hire the Fearsome Five to track down Wily's robots with a signal on the ship the robots took.

Vs Fritz

The Fearsome Five discover Fritz talking to his master through a computer. Dr. Nero Neurosis orders Fritz to kill the intruders. He might be out numbered, but Fritz is full of surprises.

Vs Dr.Nero.Neurosis

The Fearsome Five finally find Dr. Nero Neurosis, along with the stolen Robot Masters. With the press of a button, Vivi sicks the reprogrammed Robot Masters on the Fearsome Five. If the Robot Masters aren't enough, Fritz is still on the Fearsome Five's trail. Can the Fearsome Five handle the Robot Masters and the psychotic Fritz?

For retrieving his robots, and providing them with information on who stole them in the first place, the Fearsome Five are paid handsomely for their services. Leaving the Scientist Syndicate to prepare their next attack.

Cartoon Villains War

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Vs The DigiDestined

Due to the fight at the museum, the criminal Negaduck and his gang, the super-villain team known as the Fearsome Five, saw it fit to try and steal some artifacts. However, they didn't come unnoticed as the boy Tai, leader of the DigiDestined team, and his friends tried to stop them alongside with their digital monsters.

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