Seers of the Underworld

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The Fates are neutral characters in the Disney's animated movie Hercules. The seers of the Underworld, the Fates are usually non-combatant players, although they give advice and tips to any villain, they would find potential, including Hades. They aid and defend the Underworld forces in various occasions.

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Hades' Defeat

The Fates told Hades that his next plan will involve the Shadow Man Dr. Facilier. This would lead to Hades being defeated, and losing the Underworld to Facilier.

Facilier's Alliance

The Fates served Faciler in the Underworld, and foretold events for him.

Back to Hades

Hades edventuly reclaimed the underworld from Facilier, and likely punished the Fates for working against him.

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