The Fairy Godmother
The Fairy Godmother is the main antagonist of the animated movie, Shrek 2. A diva intent upon getting her son into a position of power, the Fairy Godmother is not the traditional kind fairy of legend. The Fairy Godmother is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney vs Non-Disney Villains War

Pre-War: A Helpful Ally

Prior to the events of the war, the Fairy Godmother and her son, Prince Charming, are summoned in an underground cavern, by the nightmare lord, Pitch Black. The nightmare king then makes a request to Godmother, as he begs for a boost of power, in hopes to deal with the king of the Multi-Nation's universe, Master Xehanort. She gladly agrees and imbues him with dark power, with her magic wand. As a token of her marvelous help, Pitch Black allows the Fairy Godmother to live in his castle, after Xehanort's apparent demise, now dubbed Castle Oblivion.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Dreams Become Nightmares

The Fairy Godmother is busy making a potion when Pitch Black reveals himself. Horrified, the Fairy Godmother goes to her wand to defend herself. Her magic proves to be a powerful asset, as she blasts Pitch Black away with just one spell. The Fairy Godmother musters up her energy for a massive spell, firing it at her foe, but Pitch Black reflects it back at her. The Fairy Godmother explodes into a cloud of bubbles, seemingly dead.

Enemy Revealed

The Fairy Godmother survives the battle, but only through Pitch Black's doing. She is held, captured, learning that Pitch Black is the CGI emissary of the Legion of Darkness. Fortunately for the Fairy Godmother, Pitch Black goes missing. In the interim, Rothbart arrives and frees her from her prison. The two grow fearful of an even more powerful foe. To that end, she sends Prince Charming, her only son who takes advantage in the war, since her capture, to the Live-Action universe, relieving her doubt about her son' current danger position in the CG realm.

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