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Duke is the main antagonist of animator Daria Cohen's 2016 "fan animated" musical video The Night, featuring music from singer, songwriter, and musician Aurelio Voltaire. He appears in Non Disney Heroes vs Villains as a major player in the war and is the Ruler of the Underworld as well as Eris's Boyfriend.

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Mircea Tepes is the first eldest son of Vlad Tepes who lived in Transylvania, Mircea was very loyal to his father, he was still looking to make his own kingdom when he became a vampire, he decides to move away from his father to look for a kingdom for him, since Other more powerful vampires like Vampyro and Myotismon stood out over him, the years passed and he found an incarnation of his father, Alucard, and they had the misfortune of being exterminated by the merciless. Even so Mircea ends up in the same Underworld with Alucard, the Tartarus where they meet Pluto the god of the Underworld who would torture them for eternity. But lucky for both of them, Eris arrives to save them from their torment, and landed in a tower in the Fields of Asphodel, they don't know why she did so they asked Eris replied "Because men with black hearts like mine that cute don't deserve fiery torture" so they take that as an answer, so Eris introduces them to the rebelling The Demon Sorcerers, Nergal, Him, Dabura, Set, and The Overlords from Hell. Eris offers them to be members of an alliance to take down Pluto. The rebelling storm through the kingdom of Pluto and fought greatly, both Mircea Tepes and Alucard came fact to face with Pluto and they fought decently but Pluto proved way more powerful. But The Demon King appear from the flames of Hell itself and decided to grant Mircea Tepes and Alucard the powers and finally both Mircea Tepes and Alucard destroyed Pluto and his immortal soul now trapped in the deepest pits of Hell. The Demon King offered Mircea Tepes the throne of the Underworld and offer Alucard a position of "Bounty Hunter of Hell". So Mirce Tepes now has the Underworld as kingdom a for himself that will make all other vampires jealous. Mircea Tepes now naming himself The Duke of Vaults, and go's on a date with Eris. The Duke of Vaults and Eris created a spell of resurrection in a spell book just in case he might get double dead.

Soyuzmultfilm Villains Vs Non-Disney Villains War

Vs Koschei The Deathless

The underground vampire Duke sees that an unknown old man has appeared in his castle, the Duke decides to attack the stranger, but he does not know that Koschei is an immortal sorcerer who is very difficult to kill...

Joining Quan Chi

In the Underworld, the Sorcerer Quan Chi sees that a dead Duke has accidentally come to his territory. Quan Chi decided that the Duke could be useful to him as an ally, because they have a common enemy Koschei. Quan Chi knows that Koschei has an amulet of Shinnok, which is guarded by the Snake Gorynych.