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The Dragon is an antagonist from the 1958 Academy Award Winning Looney Tunes short Knighty Knight Bugs. He serves as Black Knight Yosamite Sam’s pet dragon. Unlike most villainous dragons, Sam’s dragon is very incompetent and sympathetic.

Non-Disney Heroes Vs Villains

The Prisoners Escape

Black Knight Yosemite Sam and his pet dragon are sleeping while keeping the Slumberland Alliance as prisoners. However, they overlooked two survivors from the Slumberland Invasion, a boy with a cone hat named Oblio and his canine friend Arrow, sneaking in to free them all. Oblio destroys the lock holding them in, which wakes both Sam and the dragon. Noticing their prisoners escaping, the two chase after them. But in attempt to slow them down Nemo uses his scepter to teleport them to a room in the prison full of fireworks allowing everyone to escape. The dragon then lets out a sneeze that sets them all off, blasting the dragon, his master and the castle they’re in up to the moon. Sam then insults the dragon by saying “Dragons is so stupid!”