The Dragon was an ancient beast who fell under the control of Eris during the finale of Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains, battling Hades' Titans .

It first appeared as an antagonist in the animated film Pagemaster.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Vs The Rock Titan

One of Eris's titans, the dragon's history is sketchy. All it is known that he was tamed by Eris in between the war. During the Titan battle, he killed The Rock Titan after he killed The Roc. The Dragon was never shown to have been killed by one of The Titans, so it assumed he survived the battle.

Heroes Vs Villains War

A First Defeat

The Dragon was summoned by Zigzag to kill the heroes. While Donald Duck was scared enough to challenge him, Mickey Mouse wasn't afraid to risk his life by saving his friends. The Dragon then devoured the mouse in a flash. However, soon enough from the mouth of the Dragon starts to spread a giant beanstalk, freeing the rodent from the monster. It was revealed that Mickey was containing a can of magical beans, which when they were dropped, they can grow fast and create a beanstalk in a short time. With the beanstalk into his mouth and with his master leaving the heroes, after he was beaten up, the Dragon was remained in an enchantment sleep.

A Final Fight

The PageMaster Dragon by VampireByMoonlite
When ZigZag again witness the heroes, freeing their friends, he awakens the Dragon once more to deal with them. Prince Philip then stands up to kill the Dragon. The Dragon blasts at the prince with fire, knocking him down, and continues to fir at him, forcing the hero to hide in the forest. Even though, Philip was staying hidden, the Dragon sets the forest on fire to ensure that the hero wouldn't stand up for long time. Philip then, with the aid of his fairies, climbs a mountain, with the Dragon watching him. Just as the Dragon was about to finish his enemy, Philip throws at the Dragon's chest his sword, which it was casted by his fairies to kill the monster, leaving the Dragon to fade into nothigness.
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