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The Dog is a minor character in the disney animated movie, "The Black Cauldron", usually kept by one of the Horned King's Guards, as a pet and a hound dog, to keep intruders away. The Dog plays a minor role in Disney Heroes vs. Villains War and in Heroes Vs. Villains War.

Disney Villains War 3

The Dog appears as a cameo in this war. It is seen, among the other guards of the Horned King, when one of the Horned King's guards inform the arrival of Jafar and Abis Mal in the Horned King's castle. It is not seen again afterwards.

Disney Heroes Vs Vilains War

When Felicia and Pom-Pom jump on the other side of the wall, after being chased by Toby, the come across the Dog of the Horned King. Because of the dogs' hater towards the cats, the Dog tears apart both Felicia and Pom-Pom, before they would escape from the chamber. The Dog is not later seen in this war.

Heroes Vs Villains War 

When the Horned King travels to Grimhilde's castle to inform her about Humbert's betrayal, he takes along the Dog in his journey. While discussing with the Evil Queen, the Dog tracks down Batso and Scowl, who have been hiding out from Lord Maliss and the Evil Queen, after their previous failures, frightening Scowl with his roars. The Dog is not later seen in the rest events of the war.