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The Devil is the main antagonist of the 2017 run-and-gun video game Cuphead. He is the diabolical ruler of Hell who forces the game's protagonists Cuphead and Mugman to collect Soul Contracts from various inhabitants of Inkwell Isles, or he will take their souls should they fail.

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains

Vs Hades

Hades starts his takeover on Mount Olympus but however The Devil arrives wanting to overthrow him. Using his Titans, Hades tries to stop him, but the Devil destroys the Ice Titan before using his magic to make the Lava Titan's flow hit the god. He then shoots the Rock Titan's heads off and freezes Hades before sucking the rest of the Titans into the Wind Titan and shooting them to Space. Hades recovers but The Devil throws him into the River Styx as he takes over Mount Olympus.


The Devil recruits Grim Matchstick, King Dice and Cala Maria to guard Olympus while he looks after hell.

Vs Maleficent and Jafar (Part 1)

Meanwhile Maleficent deals with King Dice's remaining minions Mangosteen and Phear Lap. She sends her goons out, but the duo shocks the goons and defeats them. Mal retaliates and destroys them as Jafar arrives. Then, the Devil appears and reflects Mal's attack with his magic, before defeating Jafar. Mal turns into her Dragon form and manages to put up a good fight against the Devil's snake form but she quickly defeated as well, and retreats.

Vs Maleficent and Jafar (Part 2)

Maleficent and Jafar start their plan to free Hades. Maleficent turns Iago into a Phoenix and they go into the Devil's realm. The Devil and King Dice notice the duo. Devil shocks Maleficent's Goons, but Iago gets rid of one of their henchmen. Sadly, he gets hit by the Devil. Jafar turns into a Cobra but gets smacked by Dice. Maleficent upgrades Iago's phoenix form giving him the powers of A Firebird. After a brief fight, The Devil crushes him in a rockslide and turns Jafar back to his human form. Iago reverts back to his original form and Maleficent frees Hades as the trio retreat back to their castle.

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