The Demon
 The Demon Gigantic is a secondary villain from the film Rock and Rule, and is a minor player in the DVND war.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains


The Demon is the crucial part of Mok's final plan of domination. As Mok begin's to summon the Demon, Dr. Facilier and the tratorous Friends on the Other Side attack the Demon with a powerful voodoo spell that tortures the beast until it retreats back to it's own dimension. It has not been seen since.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Rock and Rule

The Demon is summoned by Mok, after Ember McLain sang a few concerts, by Mok's proposal, and accidentally released him from it's other dimension. Spreading panic and chaos, the Demon faces the helpless rockstar, Ember. In a flash, the Demon devours Ember's soul, much to Mok's exitement.

Transformed into a Hell Cat

Using the dying experiment cat, Claudandus, Mok fuses the entity of the Demon with Claudandus's dead body to create his own masterpiece. The result, however, was the creation of the hellcat, known as Red. For the rest of the Demon's biography can be found here.

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