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The Dark Queen is the ruler of Planet Ragnorok and is the primary antagonist of the Battletoads franchise. She is mostly accompained by her right-hand bull, General Slaughter.

War of the Villains

Defeating The Slug-Butted One

In "War of the Villains", The Dark Queen's first battle was with Queen Pulsating, Bloated Festering, Sweaty, Pus-Filled, Malformed Slug-For-A-Butt, who offered her an alliance to combine their power to power up her banana-shaped universe destructor. Uninterested, The Queen decided to do away with the bitter Slug-Butted Queen, who blasted a shot from her Inseckian sceptre. She deflected the shot with a mighty tornado, which bounced back to Queen Slug-For-A-Butt, destorying her.

The Queen's Dismay

On a deserted battleground, The Dark Queen challenged Jafar to a duel. Of course, The Queen had assistance from her accomplice, General Slaughter, whom she ordered to attack. However, Jafar blasted the bull with his mighty staff. Unaware she was dealing with a sorcceror, she decided to make a retreat and swear vengace at a later date. But Jafar had the last laugh, blowing a ray of fire to burn The Queen alive.

Video Game Villains War

Planning and Stealing

The Dark Queen joins the alliance of Dreamland. She heads off to the lair of Dr. Nero Neurosis, a diabolical villain who has developed plans for a lethal death ray. The Dark Queen demands the plans, a gesture to which Neurosis sics his manservant, Fritz, onto the Dark Queen. Fritz manages to kill all of the Dark Queen's henchmen, forcing her to brandish her own magic staff. The staff easily repulses Fritz and destroys Neurosis's living apparatus. With Neurosis dead and Fritz stunned, the Dark Queen makes her escape.

A Gory Demise

The Dark Queen constructs the doomsday device for Nightmare, hoping to activate it before enemies of the Dreamland Alliance can destroy it. Unfortunately for her, Fritz makes his way into her fortress. The Dark Queen transforms into a tornado and knocks the hunchback away, but he recovers. He manages to overload the doomsday machine and completely destroy the Dark Queen's fortress. As the Dark Queen emerges from the rubble, Fritz brandishes his sword and cuts her stomach open.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

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