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The Daleks are the primary antagonists of the long-running British science fiction series, Doctor Who. A group of prejudicial aliens equivalent to the Nazis in their pursuit of intergalactic genocide, the Daleks are some of the most popular science fiction villains in history. The Daleks are heavily featured in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

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The Seeds of War

The Daleks begin the war in space in an uncharacteristically peaceful fashion, only attacking when their airspace is invaded. This does not stop them from completely thwarting the armies of the Goa'uld. Though the Goa'uld leader, Prince Apophis, manages to escape, the Daleks manage to decimate the Goa'uld's ranks.

A Major Defeat

The Daleks suffer a minor defeat when most of the Cult of Skaro is destroyed in a battle with Scorpius. While this seems to be a minor loss, one member of the cult ends up revealing critical information about the Dalek fleet. With this information, Scorpius and his allies manage to destroy the bulk of the Dalek fleet, including the Dalek emperor. The species is only survived by Dalek Sec, the only member of the Cult of Skaro who escaped Scorpius's massacre.

The Dalek Hierarchy

  • The Dalek Emperor
    • The most powerful and largest Dalek, notable for leading the largest faction of Daleks.
  • The Cult of Skaro
    • A group of Daleks more powerful than even the Emperor, trained to think independently from the rest of the Daleks. They are the most creative and highest ranking Daleks in the hierarchy.
  • Davros
    • Creator of the Daleks resurrected in order to keep the race alive. Though the Daleks take his orders, even the lowest level Dalek technically outranks him.