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The Dalek Emperor is the most powerful Dalek in the Doctor Who universe. The commander of a legion of Daleks cloned from his DNA, the Dalek Emperor is the primary antagonist of the first season of the renewed Doctor Who series. The Dalek Emperor is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Protecting His Own

When the Goa'uld, led by Prince Apophis, invade Dalek airspace, the Dalek Emperor demands that they leave. Apophis scorns the Dalek Emperors warning and thus brings the wrath of the Dalek race upon him. The Dalek emperor has his soldiers breach the Goa'uld mothership, having them kill all within their path to Apophis. Though Apophis escapes, the Daleks severely damage his armies.


The Dalek Emperor leads his fleet in an attempt to destroy the alliance of space. When Gul Dukat, the emissary of the group, offers a surrender, the Dalek Emperor responds with the simple order that Dukat must be exterminated. His ships severely damage those of his foes, what with their superior firepower. The Dalek Emperor is lured out of the safety of his armada when Prince Apophis, irritated by his failure in the last battle, attacks his ship directly. The Dalek Emperor's ship manages to wipe Apophis out, but the attack leaves his ship vulnerable to an attack from both Dukat and the leader of the space alliance, Scorpius. Attacked on both sides, the Dalek Emperor dies, extolling his superiority to the last.