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The Demon of Pleasure Island

The Coachman (AKA Barker) is the tertiary antagonist of the Disney's animated movie Pinocchio. He was the owner of an amusement park called Pleasure Island. He was played by Charles Judels, who also did the voice of Stromboli. He is a major competitor in the villains tournaments.

Disney Villains War


The Coachman is a dark figure who has ties with nearly every underground organization. He enlisted those who had need of money for jobs and those who outlived their usefulness were subtly turned into mules for his own amusement.

But Coachman's early life was one where he was utterly powerless. At an early point after his birth, his mother died by being killed on accusation from Frollo who believed she had ties to obscene cults. His father couldn't cope the loss of his wife and started to drink. Those drinks usually ended with him beating up his son and cursing him for every rotten thing in life. At school his life didn't get any better seeing how every kid had parents that did care for their children, he started to grow lonelier every time again.

Becoming more and more depressed the young kid who would eventually become the Coachman found by accident an old talisman in the fields. Hiding it, he snuck it home with him. Later that night when his father got back and readied his son for another beating a strange sense came over the father as his hands turned into hooves. The talisman had granted the wish the child had: that his father would realize what kind of a jackass he was.

It was the beginning of his climb to the top. Using the money that he got from selling the donkey that was once his father, the Coachman in his adult years first used the old candy trick to lure children away from the safety of their own parents. But when he was finally caught, he turned his chasers into donkeys and fled with a large sum of money. Using the money to eventually build up what would become Pleasure Island, the Coachman gloated in his success that was all brought on by the mysterious talisman. If only he had known the truth about the artifact, his life might have been different. But eventually, he learned the truth from a dark figure known as the Horned King, who brought him into the Cult of the Great Evil as the group's expert in transfiguration-based sacrifices to their master. Having been fully corrupted by his greed and sadism, Barker accepted the offer and became one of the group's best members yet.

He at one point mentored Josef Mengele, the man who would one day be known as the Mad Doctor, having been approached by his fellow Cultists to make sure the young lad was set upon the right path leading to his destiny. He later participated in the struggle with the Huntsclan that eventually ended the original Cult and sent its survivors fleeing to different parts of the world.

Hunting Season

Wanting to improve Pleasure Island and hopefully continue his vile ways without further interference from his surviving fellow Cultists, the Coachman hired two criminals, Alameda Slim and Amos Slade, to eliminate two dangerous animals, Kaa and Lumpjaw, who terrorized the little children, leaving the Island without any child and thus without money. Little did he know that he was spied by the Shadow Man, Doctor Facilier, who had joined the Cult not long after its original dissolution and so wanted to tie up loose ends from the previous endeavours so as to pave the way for a new group of worshippers to pick up the slack. After the hunters returned victorious from their missions, the Coachman awarded them with a big pack of golden coins.

The End Of The Coachman

It was on a normal midnight like any other before did the Coachman and his shadowy ape minions go about their usual business of rounding up transformed donkey children and sending them off to various black markets for further profit. However, just as Barker was about to inspect just one more donkey, Dr. Facilier chose this moment to reveal himself from the shadows, introducing himself to his predecessor and what his goal was at the moment: Chernabog had known fully well about the abandonment of his former cultists, and so wanted them all exterminated one by one for having failed him to pursue their own goals rather than focus on the main goal of freeing him from Bald Mountain. Not only that, but the talisman the Coachman had in his possession was now vital for unlocking the gateway at the mountain and he needed it back now.

Not wanting to lose the mystical amulet that had changed his life since that fateful day long ago, the Coachman called his hunters to deal with the sorcerer. The doctor responded to them by summoning the spirit of the Headless Horseman to assassinate his rivals. As soon as Amos Slade was killed by the Headless Horseman, Slim, realizing that the Coachman was fighting a losing battle, decided to bail out while he still could, also reasoning that any business with cult worshippers to some Black God could no linger be considered profitable in the long run. Distracted by the retreat of the yodeling thief, the doctor found the opportunity to turn the Coachman into a donkey, while taking the magical artifact from him. His exact fate is unknown, though it is most likely that he was killed by his now disloyal ape minions.

Disney Villains War Reboot

New Business

The Coachman appears in the reboot series in a role similar to the original series, although altered with few changes. He appears as the employer of rogue criminals like Percival C. McLeach. When Tublat proved to be quite of a challenge, he sends the hunter to retrieve the beast, dead or alive, promising him to pay handsomely. After Tublat's capture, the Coachman pays the poacher for his services.

Soon enough, the Coachman sets a base in Africa in order to continue the hunting season. Clayton, in particular, asks his employer to take down the king of the Pride Lands, Scar, a request he complied to it, giving his blessings to the hunter's journey. Unfortunately, Clayton ends up killed and eaten by Scar's hyenas.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

The New Operator

Having fired the Ringmaster after his poor performance against Peter Pan, Frollo recruited the puppeteer Stromboli, the con artists Foulfellow and Gideon, and the sinister Coachman to organize a new circus. The Coachman had a special idea in mind to help put on the show of the century and dispose of many heroes at the same time.

Vs Lost Boys

As the Coachman's circus was set up in the outskirts of Paris, Frollo prepared to bring Peter Pan to the Palace of Justice to formally sentence him to death. Thankfully for Pan, Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys arrived to free him. One of the Lost Boys fired a stone at Frollo's horse with a slingshot, making it buck the corrupt judge off. Tink and the Lost Boys charged in and started trading blows with Frollo's men, driving them back. The Boys set Pan free, but were confronted by the Coachman, Foulfellow, and Gideon. Tinker Bell tricked Gideon into hitting Foulfellow on the head, and the Lost Boys delivered another blow, knocking him out. As Stromboli arrived on the scene to assist Frollo's troops, Pan, Tinker Bell, and the Lost Boys escaped back into the wilderness.

Preparing for the number

In Paris, children from all around the world, including Brer Rabbit, the Lost Boys, Pinocchio, Lampwick, and the Darling children Wendy, John, Michael, and several other children, were attracted to the Coachman's circus. Catching up to the children, Jiminy tried to find Pinocchio and warn him, but was blocked by the Crows, who were wanting to watch the circus show themselves. Fed up with the Crows' antics, Jiminy left them to find Pinocchio himself. Unseen by the children, crows, or Jiminy, the Coachman and his goons locked the gates behind them to ensure none of the children could escape what the Coachman had planned for them...

Explaining his plan

As the circus show came to an end and the Coachman's allies took the attending children prisoner, he introduced them to some of the other children he had taken captive since the beginning of the war, including the Australian boy Cody, the New York girls Penny and Jenny Foxworth, and many others. The Coachman explained to the children that he planned to turn them all into donkeys and sell them as slave labor to fuel Maleficent's war machine.Coachman and his allies planned their next big show, an exhibition of animal performers such as the circus bear Bongo. However, they were unaware that Lilo and Stitch were watching.

New ally

While Foulfellow and Gideon were trying to lure new prisoners towards the circus, the Coachman tasked Sarousch with re-capturing Pinocchio, determined to finish transforming him into a donkey. Sarousch used his magic to bring a Jack in the Box to life and enlarge it to human size, sending it after Pinocchio.

Prepared for the show

Told by his men that more children were on the way, the Coachman prepared for his grandest show yet. Warned by Sarousch that there might be an escape attempt, he brought in all his allies to make sure everything went flawlessly.Meanwhile, at the Coachman's circus, the Coachman brought his men together and showed them the gold he had stolen from his child captives, promising them that it would be theirs if all went well with the next show. Stromboli, however, wasn't willing to wait to take his cut...

Battle of the Circus

As Dumbo fired peanuts from his trunk at the French guardsmen supporting the Coachman, the Coachman himself entered the fray, beating Stitch with a whip.While some of the Coachman's crew escaped, the Coachman wasn't about to leave it at that. Revealing his true demonic nature to Honest John and Gideon, he dragged them off into the shadows, never to be seen again. Meanwhile, Stromboli also disappeared, taking the circus payroll for his own. As the heroes watched the dust settle, they decided to return to their friends, happy to have survived the Coachman's show unscathed.

Heroes Vs Villains War

The Deal

During night at the Lobster Inn., the Coachman summons his perfomers, including Foulfellow and Gideon, Stromboli, Sarousch, Professor Screweyes, Puppetino, Scalawag and Igor, Hotep and Huy and Mommy Fortuna to discuss about their next plans. Just then, a scientist, came by the name, Dr. Schechter arrives at the Inn. and proposes to them that they must bring many children to his master, Tyler, for reasons unknown to them. At first all of them didn't concern about the proposal of the scientist, not until he shows them a big pack of golden money, as a reward, if they finish the job. The Circus Performers agree to that deal and begin attracting many little children to their show perfomance. Later, a demanded Tyler pressures the Coachman and his henchmen to collect the children he wants. The Coachman and his perfomers then explain that he would have his reward, in time.

"The Horror Circus"

After they took off many kids to the circus, they begin their perfomance by showing them many visions of elephants playing and toying around the circus tent. Unaware to the small children, Lampwick had been transformated into a donkey, while Pinocchio (ND) had been changed into a wooden doll. After they realised their mistakes, the perfomers showed to them disturbed visions of Elephants, Ghosts and terrified monsters. As the children attemted to run from the perfomance, the entertainers catched them and tied them with many ropes, leaving to this show perfomance as a success, unnoticed to them that Pinocchio (D) had escaped from their claws.

The End Of The Bargain

Just as they promised, they brought the little kids to Tyler, leaving him with a happiest grin on his face for his next dark goal. Little did the Coachman know was that Scalawag and Igor felt uncertainly for the kids situation.

Outbreaking the Law

Disney Vs Comics War

Villains Battles 2

Hatching schemes.

At the Red Lobster Inn, the Coachman summons his minions Honest John and Gideon to take over all the nations under the rule of Pete and Yosemite Sam unaware that there is someone else to help the rulers. As he plans to get rid of them by ordering Foulfellow and Gideon to get new allies for his uprising. In fact they later recruit the Kralahome to serve him. However the trio later falls to Yosemite Sam, Midnight Sparkle, Jasper and Horace

A clownish demise

Moments after the defeat of his allies, the Coachman decides to go and join Ratcliffe's team to defeat the rulers, only to be ambushed by Zira, who was sent by Scar to kill him to protect his friends. Zira tries to attack, only for the man to use a whip to hit the lioness. Heavily injuried, the lioness tries to attack again only to be knocked in a cliff, where she tries her best to survive. The two enemies withness as a criminal mastermind namedthe Joker steps in to save the queen, only for her to lose her grip and fall in a waterfall, where she dies by drowning not before fearing for Scar's safety. The Coachman tries to persuade the clown prince of crime to join his cause by paying him, only for the Joker to shoot him dead through the heart, killing him.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

His plan to kill The Joker

Coachman sent a good friend of his to kill The Prince of Crime. Stromboli arrive on Joker's lair and hunt the Joker, but Harley Quinn gusted him into the bolt of acid of Joker's. Before Stromboli's melt shower, Joker revealed himself and throw him to death.

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains War

In Frollo's faction

Judge Claude Frollo gathers his alliance, consisting of Governor Ratcliffe, Lieutant Colonel Staquait, Werner, Hook who survived his encounter with Brinybeard, Gaston, Brom Bones, Honest John, Gideon and The Coachman, who is up to something...

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

His faction

At Lobster Inn, Honest John and other criminals accept Coachman's offer, after offering a lot of money.While sending another donkeys around the world, Kingpin arrives and decide to team up with The Coachman. Eager to make more money, The Coachman accepts the offer.

Teaming with Slade and Judge Doom

The Coachman and Sarousch receive a visit from Slade and Judge Doom, who want them to help Shredder throughout the war. Coachman accepts if he takes control of The Toon Patrol.