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The Chameleon is one of Petropolois most-dangerous criminals. His Molecular Transport Suit allows him to transform into anything!

In "War of The Villains", The Chameleon fought Oogie Boogie in hopes to feast on his enormous amount of bugs that lay inside him. He won by blowing up his lair.

Knowing the fact the fight was a bit anti-climatic, creator JamesS92692 said that he would probably re-do the fight as a "Special Feature" to a later installment. However, due to most "War of The Villains" videos being removed by YouTube (and later by JamesS92692), the Special Editon Fight was never made. It is possible, however, that the S.E. fight will be made at a late date due to its return on the DvND Forums.

Later on, The Chameleon would fight Dr. Facilier. Disguising himself as Fifi Oui Oui, he went to Facilier's aboad to offer an alliance with him. Facilier decided, uninterested in assisting a "nerdy little slimeball". Angered, The Chameleon showed his true form, whom Facilier swat using his cane. Whilst bragging about his invincablity, The Chameleon slowly regained consciousness and swallowed his tailismen, much to Facilier's horror, whom got dragged to the netherworld by his Friends on the Other Side.