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The Bunny Monster is a creation of Bianca, only appearing during a cutscene in Spyro 3: The Year of The Dragon. The Bunny Monster ends up attacking Bianca, causing Hunter to run in and fight the Bunny Monster until Bianca can turn it back to normal. It makes a brief appearance in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

Practiced Monster

During the attack to Robot Pirates ship, Guybrush Threepwood notices Bianca, who has been tasked by Corruptors of Magic to stop him, Vexx and other Avalarians from fighting back against Razorbeard. Bianca ends up practicing his monster magic at one bunny, turning it into the titular monster. The monster attacks Guybrush, but Guybrush fires a cannon ball at it. The monster is knocked back by it, but attempts again afterwards. Guybrush uses the cannonball again, causing it to be knocked down for good, as Guybrush quips the cannon ball looking painful.

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