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The Beast is a demonic human-like being with the power to posses other creatures. He is the main antagonist of Over the Garden Wall

Cartoon Villains War

Making his faction

Unfortunately, Elmer was not let off so easily, as he ran into Scarface's master, the legendary Beast that ruled the forest. Frozen with terror, Fudd was unable to do anything but watch as the Beast closed in on him, devouring the unfortunate hunter as Scarface watched with sadistic glee.

Following the information given by Van Pelt, No Heart tracked down the Beast, eventually finding and confronting him in a forest. The two enemies exchanged words, but before No Heart could attack, the Beast revealed that he now had a large alliance of dark creatures on his side, including the likes of Queen Chrysalis and the changelings, the mutant bat Goth, and the blue foxes led by Scarface. Outnumbered by the Beast's army, No Heart retreated, but not before promising to destroy the Beast eventually, much to his enemy's amusement.

Losing on his army

The Beast, wanting to end the threat of No Heart quickly, sends his ally, Queen Chrysalis, and her forces to attack the wizard's castle.

Teaming with Toffee

Meanwhile, Toffee pays a visit to the Beast, offering an alliance as well as resurrection should he fall in battle. The Beast, with his forces significantly weakened by the loss of the changelings, accepts Toffee's support. In exchange, Toffee asks him to hide something very important to him...

Vs No Heart Forces

The time for vengeance has finally come, as No Heart launches a surprise attack on the Beast. With most of the Beast’s minions either dead or having deserted him, Gargamel and the Ogres are able to easily dispatch his Troll bodyguards, while No Heart moves on to face his hated enemy alone. However, the Beast is able to use his complete control over the forest and his mastery of illusions to his advantage, summoning up a ghostly vision of No Heart’s deceased daughter in an attempt to break his spirit. Is this the end for No Heart?

Non-Disney Villains Tournament Reboot

In Legion of Darkness

Meanwhile in the Nightmare Realm the Legion of Darkness assembles The Nightmare King, The Emperor of Night, Belladonna, Count Dracula, Red, B.L. Zebub and The Beast prepare for the war noticing Rameses and Eris' deal.

Teaming with Professor Screweyes

Meanwhile Professor Screweyes was visited by a entity he aspires to greatly, The Beast letting him join the Legion of Darkness.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)


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