The Beast's castle

The Beast's castle is the main setting area of the Disney's 1991 film adaptation, and 2017 remake film, Beauty and the Beast. Based and inspired on the real life estate, the Chateau De Chambord in Loir-Et-Cher, in France, the Beast's castle serves as the home of the Beast, formely a human prince, the castle is bound to an enchantress' curse, that transforms the prince into a hideous beast, while his servants are transformed into living objects. It is later visited by the eccentric Maurice, and his daughter, Belle, the latter to whom she is able to undo the Beast's curse, eventually breaking it, with a true love confession. Since then, the Beast  and his servants are reverted into their human form, while Belle and Maurce live a luxury life, under the prince's hospitality.

The Beast's castle also appears in both Disney Heroes vs. Villains, and Heroes vs. Villains Wars, slightly reprising it's role, as it was in the original movie, but with extra continuities. It's archive footage also appears in the first Disney Villains War, featured only in the fight between Gaston and Queen Narissa.

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