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The Animatronics (comprised of Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken and Foxy the Pirate) are the main antagonists from the indie horror game Five Nights at Freedy's and act as side players in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Once-Ler spends a Night at Freddy's

In the middle of the war's chaos, the Once-Ler volunteers for a seemingly safe and peaceful job as a security guard in a local pizzeria. Getting the night watch, however, was not the most clever of moves seeing that the animatronics of the establishment gain life after midnight and become ruthless killing machines until the clock hits 6 AM.

Once-Ler initially dismisses the animatronics' movements as something natural before realizing something is deadly wrong when he notices Freddy, Bonnie and Chica staring right back at the surveillance camera with evil glares. When they begin charging for his office, he does the best he can to contain the robotic beings, ultimately failing when he fails to see Foxy coming. The fox animatronic makes Once-Ler lose his balance and keeps him from shutting the metal doors of his office, rendering the man vulnerable to the attacks of Freddy Fazbear and Golden Freddy themselves, who proceed to kill the night guard.

Dimwits are better guards

Having heard of Once-ler's demise, Vector moves in and begins studying the animatronics to check out for their potential as possible weapons, well aware that they are waiting for midnight to try and kill him as well.

Unfortunately for Freddy and his gang, however, Vector proves to be far better prepared than Once-Ler was, and easily deflects each and every incoming threat coming his way; before he gets overconfident and allows Freddy to enter the office. Pointing a laser gun at the animatronic bear, Vector braces for the worst; only to be surprised alongside Freddy by a call from a previous security guard that keeps both man and robot distracted as the clock soon turns to 6 AM, rending the animatronics harmless once more.

Saved by pure luck, Vector is overcome by joy and ecstasy and proceeds to gloat and dance his way out of the building to continue his job later that day; much to the animatronics' chagrin and frustration.