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Thanatos is a powerful servant of Hades, and the "self-proclaimed" God of Death in ancient Greek Mythology. He also appears in the television series, Class of the Titans, as a neutral force, serving the current possessor of Hades' Helmet of Darkness, either it would be heroes or villains respectively. Although, he initially appears as an middle-aged man, his true form appears to be a skeletal winged monster, capable of teleportation out of thin air. to He appears as a bit player in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Bound by Zeus, prior to the events of the war, Thanatos is released from his shackles by Eris, in the present events, hoping that he would assist her in taking down the king of the gods. Together, they make their assault on Mount Olympus, with Thanatos taking the form of his human alias, as a middle-aged man, to breach through the defenses of Olympus unnoticed, before revealing his true form to Zeus. In spite of his effort, Zeus manages to beat him up, leaving no option but summoning a Minotaur to deal with the king of the gods. During that time, he summons Cerberus, and a lesser group of Minotaurs. When Eris manages to stun Zeus, Thanatos and his forces overwhelm Zeus, attacking him from all sides, finally destroying him.