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[[Category:CGI Villains]]
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[[Category:Worst hero and villain tournament ever]]

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Tempest is a colossal Orbital Frame resembling a jellyfish, and one of BAHRAM's top Orbital Frames from the first Zone of the Enders game. It plays a minor role in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

First Invasion

Tempest attacks Tokyo-3 alongside General Skun'ka-pe, causing a lot of havoc. However Tempest and Skun-ka'pe notice Evangelion Unit-01, piloted by young Shinji Ikari. Ikari causes Evangelion to trip, as the colossal Orbital Frame approaches it. The Evangelion is beaten badly by the frame and Skun'ka-pe's ship. However when it's knocked onto a nearby building, the Evangelion gets serious and attacks Tempest, breaking it's head armor. EVA then breaks through the Frame's AT field, allowing it to rip off one of it's tentacles, before dealing with a finishing blow through a gigantic explosion which destroys both attacks. While Skun'ka-pe survived from the explosion, Tempest didn't.

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