Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War


Tarakudo along with his army of Oni warriors put up resistance against Wuya, Hannibal Roy Bean and Drago for the control of China, they first faced Hannibal but he lost against them in physical combat losing his Mobi Morpher by a sweeping forcing him to leave.

Tarakudo later he faced Wuya, having a very even fight against her until he won, he prepares to give her the final blow but to his surprise Drago saves his mother by throwing the talisman of the sheep to Wuya, using the power of the Astral protection separating the soul from his body but even so Tarakudo destroys Wuya's physical body, this causes Drago's anger on him, standing face to face against him and his Oni army, even so they surpassed Dragon having the advantage until He used a spell that Wuya taught him before but he did not dominate well yet his anger helps him because of Tarakudo and his forces are imprisoned in various masks. His physical appearance in the war is unknown at the moment.

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