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Tadashi Hamada is a major protagonist in the Disney animated feature film Big Hero 6. The elder brother of Hiro Hamada, Tadashi is a young prodigy of the San Fransokyo Institute of Techonology, excelling on robotic research as well as being the original caretaker of Baymax, a healthtaker companion designed to help others in need. His death at the Insitute marked Hiro's motivation to form the Big Hero 6 team. Per Tadashi's wish, the group functions as a supporting organization as well as combatant, helping the people in need.

Regarding the villain wars, Tadashi appears in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains along with Hiro and his friends, joining forces with other scientific users to combat Syndrome and his syndicate. However, he is caught in the Institute's explosion, caused by the mastermind himself, while trying to rescue Professor Callaghan, killing him.

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