Syracuse is a historical city situated in the island of Sicily as the capital of the said autonomous island. It is notable for its rich Greek history, culture, theatre, archiculture, and the birthplace of one of the known mathematicians, Archimedes.

It is also featured as the main setting of the Dreamworks' animated feature film Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. Particularly, Syracuse appears as the homeland of heroes like King Dymas, Prince Proteus, and Marina. In a previous misadventure with Sinbad and Eris, Syracuse was left on the verge of destruction as part of Eris' devious scheme. However, it was restored by the heroic Sinbad by the end of his original journey.

Regarding the villain tournaments, Syracuse appears in a minority in the storylines of the tournaments. Specifically, Syracuse appears as one of the primary locations of the Non-Disney Heroes vs. Villains War. In Heroes vs. Villains War, while not shown, the city's existence is disclosed by Proteus, who appears as a representative of his homeland on purpose to join forces with the heroes and oppose the villain forces.

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