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Synonomess Botch is the main antagonist of the animated film, Twice Upon a Time. He is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Once a disciple of the Nightmare King, Botch schemes to use his bombs to destroy the demon. His plan is discovered, and the Nightmare King sends some lesser minions to destroy him. Botch hides in his fortress, unloading his full arsenal on the minions. He kills most of them, but the largest one remains alive. This spined monster manages to destroy much of Botch's arsenal, but Botch is able to use his last weapon to deflate the monster. Unbeknownst to Botch, the Nightmare King himself has crept into his lair. Botch turns around in horror, realizing that the monster is in the room. Botch screams in terror as the Nightmare King consumes him in darkness.

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