Syndrome (real name Buddy Pine) is a costumed supervillain and wannabe superhero who played a minor role in both the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains tournament and the Disney Villains War. He first appeared as the main villain of the Disney/Pixar film The Incredibles.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War

Syndrome comes across the human sized, Malthazar. He then makes an offer of an alliance with the evil insect, only for Malthazar to rebuff him. Humiliated, Syndrome fires an energy shot at Malthazar, though the shot toss Malthazar several feet away. He then makes his way to a cliff above Malthazar's lair, where the inscect encourages his army. The hero then drops an explosive device, that blow up the entire cavern. Syndrome leaves, assured that his enemy is pressumed dead.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

In the time between his battle with Malthazar and the beginning of the third war, Syndrome has ascended to become a member of High King Pitch Black's ruling council, with his domain being the land of Gaia. However, Syndrome quickly grows annoyed by Pitch's fiscal policies ruining his business, and seeks to get rid of him. To this end, Syndrome and his top researcher, Ansem, hire out the services of master marksman and assassin Braig, sending him to assassinate the king. Unfortunately, Braig fails in his task, and Syndrome is called to a meeting alongside the other council members, where Pitch reveals that he knows that someone among his council sent the assassin, and swears to root out whoever did so.

Seeing Braig's failure as naught but a minor setback, Syndrome moves forward with his schemes to undermine Pitch's authority. With a rebellion against Pitch being run by Hopper and King Candy, Syndrome seeks to take advantage of the chaos and eliminate one of Pitch's crucial allies, Master Cyclonis. Syndrome then meets with Master Eraqus, the long-since exiled brother of the previous king (Xehanort), hoping to prod him into taking action against Cyclonis. When Syndrome addresses Eraqus as a lord, Eraqus mentions that he has not been a lord since Xehanort cast him out. Syndrome asserts that that was a mistake, and that Xehanort was not much better as a king than Pitch. When Eraqus demands to know what he wants, Syndrome explains how the nation is falling apart after the assassination attempt on Pitch, and Syndrome seeks to restore order and be the nation's hero. When Eraqus asks Syndrome what he knows of heroes, Syndrome states that he knows Eraqus was one of them, and that together they could cleanse the nation and return it to it's former glory. Syndrome further explains that Master Cyclonis controls Pitch's airforce, and if Eraqus were to defeat Cyclonis and take Terra Cyclonia for himself, then Pitch would suffer a heavy military loss. Convinced of the plan, Eraqus agrees. However, the plan fails, as Eraqus is killed by Cyclonis.

Fortunately, Syndrome has a backup plan, as he has Ansem's new allies, CLU and his army of programs, form a blockade around Cyclonia, leaving Pitch without access to his airforce. With Pitch struggling to deal with the rebellion, his attention and suspicion is diverted away from Syndrome. To secure his safety, Syndrome has Braig kidnap the one person who knows of his involvement in the assassination attempt, the spy Archibald Snatcher, and takes him prisoner. With Pitch and the other remaining council members none the wiser to Syndrome's treachery, Syndrome is able to continue his schemes in peace.

Disney Villains War

Ever seeking to be seen as a hero, Syndrome hears that the wielders of the Keyblade are revered as heroes. Believing that he could gain a Keyblade by killing it's wielder, Syndrome seeks out the oldest living Keyblade master, Xehanort, believing that his age would make him easy to kill. Syndrome quickly discover just how wrong he is, as Xehanort turns out to be perhaps the most powerful Keyblade wielder of all. He easily overcomes Syndrome, forcing him to retreat in his private jet. However, Syndrome isn't let off that easy, as Xehanort blasts his jet with magic. Knocked off balance, Syndrome is sucked into a jet turbine, killing him.

Disney Villains War 3

Syndrome is revived by Hades, alongside Mother Gothel and Davy Jones, to help the God of the Dead gain power over the CGI realm. As his first action, Syndrome sets out to reclaim his old base of operations, which has fallen into disrepair since his death. However, upon arrival, he finds that it is being occupied by Hondo Ohnaka and his gang of pirates. Seeing that these trespassers would not leave willingly, Syndrome decided to remove them by force. Telekinetically grabbing Hondo with his gauntlet, Syndrome flings him a great distance away. As some of Hondo's pirates charge at him on speeder bikes, Syndrome fires a blast from his glove, blowing some of them up. As more come towards him firing their blasters, Syndrome uses his glove to grip the bikes and derail them, throwing the pirates to the ground. However, Hondo quickly recovers, and mounts a large blaster cannon, blasting Syndrome away. Syndrome is not defeated so easily, and remotely activates his secret weapon, the Omnidroid, which easily destroys the cannon and routes Hondo's pirates. Realizing that this battle is "no longer profitable", Hondo flees as Syndrome taunts him.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part 2

Having ascended to become the sole proprietor of Alchemax (an incredibly influential corporation established by Xehanort), Syndrome has basically taken control of the world, controlling the government through a puppet king and weakening the various crime families that make up his only opposition. At the height of his power, Syndrome begins making a plan to improve his public image by making him look like a hero to the public, a plan that he calls Project Kronos.

In the midst of his scheming, Syndrome takes notice of the arrival of Kingpin to the CGI realm. Fearing that he could potentially unite the criminal underworld against him and possibly interfere with his plans for Project Kronos, Syndrome sent out his head of research, Xemnas, to eliminate the crime lord. Xemnas ultimately fails in his mission, and shortly afterwards, one of Kingpin's henchmen, Shocker, breaks into Syndrome's headquarters to steal his secrets. Despite the efforts of Syndrome's guards, Shocker was able to hack into Syndrome's computer, uncovering all the information about Project Kronos. Alerted to Shocker's presence by his second-in-command, Mirage, Syndrome activates his security system in an attempt to stop Shocker from escaping. It proves to be all for naught, however, as Shocker makes a run for it and manages to escape the compound, delivering the secrets he had uncovered directly to Kingpin. Realizing that Kingpin is becoming a serious threat to his operations, Syndrome decides to recruit two new allies to help him crush his rival: sadistic gambler Oogie Boogie and magic expert Mother Gothel. They quickly prove to be useful allies, with Oogie engaging Kingpin's allies Sergei and Doctor Doom (another inter-dimensional traveler), and Gothel succeeding in eliminating Shikata.

With his plan reaching it's final stages, Syndrome decides that the time has come to officially set Project Kronos into motion. After stationing his minions in New York in case Kingpin decides to make a move against him, Syndrome activates his secret weapon, a powerful robot known as the Omnidroid, and unleashes it on the city. His plan is to defeat the Omnidroid himself, making himself look like a hero. However, his plan is interrupted by the arrival of Kingpin and his gang. Syndrome and his allies engage the criminals, with Sergei succeeding in blasting Syndrome with a blaster rifle, knocking him out briefly. Syndrome quickly regains consciousness, just in time to see Shocker unleash a wave of water on the Omnidroid, successfully taking it out of commission, much to Syndrome's frustration. He then watches as Kingpin and Shocker proceed to kill both Oogie and Gothel in quick succession. Seeing that the battle is lost, Syndrome decides to cut his losses and attempts to retreat in his jet. However, Kingpin isn't willing to just let him get away, and blasts the jet with his cane, knocking Syndrome onto the wing of the jet, where he is then sucked into the jet turbine, killing him once and for all.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part 2

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

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