Sweet tooth

Sweet Tooth is a sociopathic ice cream truck driver from the video game series, Twisted Metal. A proficient serial killer, he is a secondary player in the Video Game Villains War.

Video Game Villains War

Cop Killer

The Joker frees Sweet Tooth from his prison in Arkham Asylum, a gesture Sweet Tooth appreciates. When Officer Frank Tenpenny arrives to take control of Haven City, Joker's associate, Kefka, sends Sweet Tooth to kill the cop. Sweet Tooth musters up a small army of clown-faced maniacs, who proceed to kill Tenpenny's men. When Tenpenny tries to escape in a fire truck, Sweet Tooth shoots down his vehicle and causes it to go careening over a bridge railing. Sweet Tooth leaves the mortally injured Tenpenny for dead.

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