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Suzaku Kururugi is the secondary protagonist of the anime, Code Geass. Kururugi is arguably the most heroic character in the show, but he often uses unethical behavior to achieve his goals. As a result, he warrants inclusion in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.


Non Disney Villains Tournament

Defending Zero

Zero approaches Kururugi, revealing that he is about to step up the violence of his attacks. Suzaku agrees to aid his friend, only to find himself in trouble sooner than he expected. Two robots, Blitzwing and Lugnut, attack Suzaku while he is in his Lancelot Knightmare Frame. He powers up the shields on his mech, absorbing a blow from Blitzwing, but is ill equipped to stop Lugnut from smashing metal hooks into his mech. Suzaku recovers and delivers a swift kick to Blitzwing, sending the Decepticon falling to the ground. Suzaku charges a laser cannon to take the two opponents while Lugnut tries to help his ally. Suzaku catches the two robots in the air and annihilates them.

Troubles arise again when the Baroness assaults Zero while he is in his civilian disguise, Lelouch Lamperouge. He kicks her away, only to be beaten back by her later. Zero seems to win the battle, but it becomes apparent that the victory was Phyrric: the Baroness discovers that Lelouch and Zero are one and the same.

Victory and Defeat

Suzaku does not directly aid Zero in the battle that topples the regime of Cobra Commander, but he does help Zero in creating a stable regime in London. This arrangement turns sour when Cobra returns, this time aided by Nazi vampires led by the Major and Decepticons robots led by Megatron. Suzaku faces the latter of these two, tripping up the transformer with a cable from his Lancelot frame. Megatron's right-hand, Starscream, fires upon the Lancelot frame, forcing Suzaku to let go of the cable. Megatron then gets free, firing upon Suzaku. Suzaku's shields are able to take the blast. Suzaku then heads in close, hoping to hit Megatron through his speed advantage. This advantage is illusory: Megatron smashes clean through the Lancelot frame, impaling it with a giant fist. As the Lancelot overloads, it explodes; Suzaku seemingly dies in the blast.

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