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Kal-El, also known as Clark Kent and more commonly known as Superman, is a twisted alternate version of the heroic main-universe Superman as well as the main antagonist of the Injustice series.

He is the main antagonist of the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game and comic series, the deuteragonist-turned-final antagonist of Injustice 2 and a minor character in the comic series of the same name.

While initially a tragic character due to the death of his wife and unborn child at his own hands, unintentionally, the Man of Steel steadily becomes more and more brutal and fascistic, eventually becoming little more than a psychotic and unforgiving warlord.

He was voiced by George Newbern, who also played previous Superman incarnations and Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII

In Disney Vs DC Villains he recreated The One Earth Regime in order to kill anyone to who dare criticizing his Ideas or/and anyone who is a threat to him.