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The Sugar Rush Racers are the official racers of the kingdom of Sugar Rush who partake in races designed either by the twisted King Candy or the benevolent Princess Vanellope von Schweetz. First appearing as supporting characters in the Disney animated feature film Wreck-it-Ralph, the Sugar Rush Racers are minor players in the third Disney Villains War, the first Animated vs. Video Game Villains, and the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains. In most cases, the Racers are programmed under the command of King Candy.

Animated vs Video Games Villains War

The Race

King Candy allows Dr. Cortex, N. Gin, Tiny the Tiger and Eggman into his race. These villains are after a scepter King Candy discovered and is offering as the grand prize for the latest race. Little does he know, the scepter has a crystal which is perfect for Dr. Cortex's machine. These villains are determined to win, but so are King Candy and his subjects. You can bet that there will be cheating in this race.