Stanley's Magical Flowers

Stanley's Magical Flowers are the human-sized flowers, that Stanley summons occasionaly with his magical abilities. Featured as minor characters in the Don Bluth's animated movie, A Troll in Central Park, the Flowers usually attract a person's interest, including Rosy, and they would appear playful and joyful. A Magical Flower is briefly featured, during the events of Heroes vs. Villains War.

Heroes Vs Villains War

During the events of the war, Stanley joins other heroes, in order to survive. When he encounters Willie the Giant, he summons a green magical flower, distracting the Giant, long enough, for the heroes to escape. Another magical flower is seen on Stanley's shoulder, during the Battle at the Horned King's castle, when the troll looks on delightfully, as more heroes join in the fray of the battle.

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