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Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Helping Loud House

Spongebob and his new friends get ready to save Luna and Luan from the dark prison!Vegeta and Nappa were watching over Luna and Luan so they wont escape until our heroes burst in to save the day but first they have to fight an army of saibamen and when Vegeta was gonna blow up Lincoln Spongebob stops him and a saibaman gets blown up instead. It looks like our heroes are winning until they see a bunch of wolves who look hungry and it looks likes they are gonna need help. After they fight it looks like they escape or did they.

Saving Luna and Luan

While still in the dark prison, Nappa (who is waiting for Vegeta to come back from spying on the other Z Fighters) decides to send a few people after the Loud kids, SpongeBob and Patrick to destroy them, as the Loud kids SpongeBob and Patrick are about to escape they are accounted by Nathan his monsters and the city ninja organization, it looks like the kids have to fight their way out of this one but a surprise guest comes to The Fray.

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