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[[Garfield Villains Tournament]] (HcFortan)
[[Garfield Villains Tournament]] (HcFortan)
Villains War (Adrian Clements)
[[Category:Spin-off Factions]]
[[Category:Spin-off Factions]]

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Inspiried by Manwhoooo's Disney Vs Non Disney Villains video series, other users have decided to create Villain Tournaments of their own. Here is a list of the tournaments and the users creating them

Disney Villains War (TheCultofKefka)

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains (DisneyDaniel93)

Disney Vs Marvel Villains (GAvillain)

Non Disney Villains Touranment (Sonihadow21)

Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War  (Sonihadow21)

Malus: World of War (TheBlackPhoniex100)

DC Vs Marvel Villains (Injustice Lord)

Transformers vs Disney and Non-Disney Villains (DinoFreakUSA)

Animated Vs Video Game Villains (epickirbycommentary)

Disney Heroes vs Villains (acemckillayoface)

Disney vs Anime Villains (Skeleton King/TheEvilskeletonking)

Movies villains war (sasoricrocodiel)

Heroes vs Villains (CKprimeval07)

Video Game Villains War (dagwood525)

Non Disney Heroes vs Villains (MeliesCinemagician)

villains war (Manuel Lobato Humanes)

Worst Hero And Villain Tournament Ever (HcFortan)

Upcoming Tournaments:

Disney/Marvel VS Non Disney/DC Villains War (Eternal Victor)

Animated Movie vs TV Villians (???)

Animated Villains vs Comic Book Villains (123NightKing)

Disney vs DC villains (DisneyDaniel93; formerly BATTY3459)

Comic Book vs. Video Game Villains (123NightKing)

All-Star Villains Tournament (FlipShareTime)

All-Star Villains vs. Worst Villains (DarkShadows13)

My Little Pony Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains (Tyrannosaurus Rulez)

Spin-Offs on Hiatus:

War of The Villains (JamesS92692)

Canceled Spin offs:

Live Action Villains Tournament (Clara666CherryBomb)

My little pony friendship is magic heroes vs Disney and Non-disney Villains (nightmaremoonboy)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Heroes vs Non/Disney Villain (rtgoh1)

Godzilla Gamera & Ultraman Heroes vs Disney and Non-Disney Villains (runawaytrain96)

Worst Villain Tournament Ever (HcFortan)

War of Crossover ( Adrian Clements )

Disney & Non Disney vs Dragon Ball Z Villains

TV Villains Tournament (CrawnSanders)

Video Game Tournament(Mike0908)

Garfield Villains Tournament (HcFortan)

Villains War (Adrian Clements)

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