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Soyuzmultfilm Villains vs Non-Disney Villains War is a tournament made by Darth Rullak.

Beginning of the Battles

Round 1

  1. Mok Swagger vs The Snow Queen
  2. Lion vs Bubu
  3. Duncan vs Bully
  4. Lucifer vs Rikuai
  5. Duke of Vaults vs Koschei The Deathless
  6. Epilogue

Round 2

  1. Prologue
  2. The Fox vs Claudandus
  3. Polish Spy vs Puppetino
  4. Drake vs Sea Leopard
  5. Nigel vs Rooster
  6. Stalker vs Hunter
  7. Shere Khan vs Killer the Tiger and Shere Khan
  8. Epilogue

Round 3

  1. Prologue
  2. Yosemite Sam vs Raging Bull
  3. Killer Wolf vs Scar Snout
  4. Jenner vs The Wolf (featuring Drake and The Fox)
  5. Ruber and Catra vs Three Headed Serpent
  6. Bluto vs Old Lady Skapoklyak
  7. Duncan vs Karabas (featuring Varrick, Bra and Karabas' Dogs)
  8. The Mouse King vs The Fox
  9. Keldor vs The Lich (featuring Horde Prime and The Fairy Godmother)

Round 4:

  1. Prologue
  2. The Elephant and the Fox vs Grizzly Bear
  3. Mok vs Snow Queen Blizzard
  4. Yosemite Sam vs Long John Silver
  5. Lord Maliss vs Evil Tsarina
  6. General Woundwort vs The Fox
  7. Scarface vs Sergey Frolov
  8. Duncan vs the Serpent Sorcerer (featuring Bra, Bobby, Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat)
  9. Epilogue

Round 5:

  1. Prologue
  2. Tugarin Snake vs Bluto
  3. Rameses vs The Mouse Queen
  4. Sergey Frolov vs The Beast
  5. Ingenious Detective vs Storm Shadow
  6. Thrax vs King Boko
  7. Professor Screweyes vs Pal Palych
  8. Shaw vs Cowardly Wolf
  9. The Nightmare King vs Dagal and Black Witch
  10. The Battle of Killkenny (Ft. Oliver Cromwell, Cromwell's men, Captain Hook, Captain Hook's Pirates, Silver, Lord Maliss, The Colonel, The Colonel's Soldiers, Murphy, Zabuza Momochi, Polish King Sigismund, The Cardinal, Polish Army, Kurya, Giyar, Krivzha and Army of the Pechenegs)
  11. Krivzha vs Oliver Cromwell
  12. Epilogue

Round 6:

  1. Prologue
  2. The Duke of Vaults and Skullmaster vs Koschei The Deathless and Snake Gorynych
  3. The Fox vs Elmer Fudd
  4. One-Eyed Wolf vs Mr. Jones
  5. The Emperor of The Night vs Unclean
  6. Chernomor and Rikuai vs Tzekel Khan and the Giant Jaguar
  7. Epilogue

Round 7:

  1. Prologue

Events of the War

Part 1:

The Snow Queen was planning to conquer the world in her palace while sitting on a throne, until the mad genius and former rock star Mok Swagger arrives and meets the Snow Queen and wants to conclude a joint alliance with her. But the Snow Queen refuses. This makes Mok unhappy and decides to get rid of her and summons a huge demon from another dimension, the Snow Queen was not afraid of the gigantic demon, she began to chant a spell to put the demon back to its own dimension. Mok tried to bring the demon back, but the Snow Queen showed up behind him, and tossed him into the portal, Mok tried to climb back up, but the Snow Queen used her staff to knock him off and fall into the portal.

The evil Lion King sat quietly on a stone, not pretending that strangers had come to his domain who wanted to take the lion's land for themselves, until the Hyena told the Lion that there is another lion name Bubu challenged him for the kingdom, the Lion was shocked to hear this and goes to see him about this. The Lion arrives at Bubu's territory and meets Cassius (Bubu's advisor), then Bubu shows up out from behind the bushes and asked the Lion if he accepts this challenge? the Lion first questioned why does Bubu need to take over his kingdom when he has a kingdom of his own? Bubu replied that one kingdom is not enough, he wishes to rule all of Africa, thus shocked the Lion of how greedy Bubu truly is, Cassius warns the Lion to just give up so it won't be worst, but the Lion knocked Cassius unconscious. Bubu spots the river dam cracking in the gorge, this gives Bubu a idea. The Lion and Bubu pounced on each other until they both here the sound of the river dam cracking, the flood came out, the Lion and Bubu went back to face each other, then charge at each other, but Bubu managed to knock the Lion into the raging river. Bubu believes he is dead and begins to take over the Lion's kingdom.

Teenage criminal Duncan was able to avoid arrest from Canada and came to Russia, on his way he comes across a cute puppy, Duncan couldn't resist such a cute little puppy, but owner is not a very nice guy. But Duncan was involved in violent fights much more often, Duncan confronts the Bully who was about to hit the puppy and yells at him. Duncan kicked the bully right in the jewels, and takes the puppy with him as a new owner.

Lucifer, the son of the Demon King found out that the judge of the underworld Viy wants to take his place in Hell. A huge magical predator Rikuai got in the way of Lucifer, the angel of darkness himself summons his flaming whip, Rikuai charges towards him, Lucifer tries to hit Rikuai with his whip but Rikuai pounced on the prince of darkness, but Lucifer managed to knock him back, then summons balls of light and shoots Rikuai and gives out the final blow, Rikuai tries to run away but was ultimately destroyed, and turned into a carving on a wall. Thus this is what happens if you ever messed with the former archangel from Heaven.

The underground vampire Duke sees that an unknown old man has appeared in his castle, and that old man is Koschei the Deathless. The Duke decides to attack the stranger, but he does not know that Koschei is an immortal sorcerer who is very difficult to kill. The Duke took on a shadow form, then appears right in front of him in his true form and tossed his mirror with his cane out from Koschei's hands and smashed into the ground, the Duke then summons out clothing fabrics out from his cane to tie him up, but Koschei destroys the fabrics, shocking the Duke of Vaults. Koschei pulls the curtain and opens all the windows and the sun lights burst through the windows, then Koschei cast light on the Duke, which results the vampire turned into dust. Koschei laughs maniacally, but unknown to the Lich, The Duke is also the ruler of the Underworld.

After the lion has disappeared without a trace, the Hyena tries to find him. But on the way she met the jackal Tabaqui, who told her that his master Shere Khan was creating an alliance in order to eliminate two of his competitors, one of whom was a white tiger named Shere Khan. Hyena agrees to join the Shere Khan alliance, believing that the Lion has already died.

After a failed duel with Bubu, the Lion was able to survive, he accidentally got into the territory of Shere Khan where he sees his Hyena. Shere Khan decided not to kill the stranger, he thought that the huge lion could be a good ally, the lion agrees to help the tiger overthrow his competitors on the condition that Shere Khan will help him kill the one who took away his kingdom, Bubu.

The fox Akamimi saw how an attack was being prepared on his boss, he manages to inform Killer the Tiger about it. At this time, another Shere Khan came to them asking for help, both tigers decided to conclude a joint alliance against their enemies.

After defeating Rikuai, Lucifer could not calm down and came to his father, the Demon King, for a request to form an alliance against Viy. The Demon King agrees to help his own, provided that he himself will lead this alliance. Lucifer accepts, and the Demon King calls forth his army, the Emperor of the Night, Alastor, Red, Asmodeus, Fizzarolli, and Stalker. The Legion of Darkness has been assembled.

Part 2:

The ruler of the Irish city of Kilkenny, Oliver Cromwell, learns that Polish troops want to attack Ireland. In order to protect his city from the attack of the Poles, Cromwell hires the cruel Captain Hook and John Silver to join his army. John Silver brought a Treasure Chest to the Lord Protector, which Captain Hook opens revealing treasure, but it does please Oliver Cromwell and shows gratitude to Silver.

The Polish King Sigismund decides to attack the Irish city of Kilkenny in order to strengthen his influence and Poland's influence in the West. In this case, he is helped by the Shamakhan Queen, who longs to regain her eternal youth.

In the Underworld, the Sorcerer Quan Chi sees that the Duke of Vaults (The ruler of the whole Univerworld) slayed one of his minions to show his might but has accidentally come to his territory. Quan Chi decided that the Duke could be useful to him as an ally, because they have a common enemy Koschei. Quan Chi knows that Koschei has an amulet of Shinnok, which is guarded by the Snake Gorynych.

The cruel pirate Long John Silver and his team rescue the dangerous cannibal pirate Barmaley from Oliver Cromwell's prison. John Silver creates a joint alliance of pirates for a treasure hunt that Captain Hook once took away from Silver. Barmaley wanted to refuse to participate in this, but Silver threatened him that if Barmaley refused, he would be fed to sharks. Barmaley of course agreed.

Prince Keldor longs to rule which is owned by Horde Prime, he understands that he will not be able to defeat the ruler of the empire alone, Keldor gathered Ruber and Catra (A childhood friend) into a team. Keldor also learns that an immortal sorcerer name Koschei lives on Russian lands who cannot be killed in a simple way. Keldor and his team decide to go to the Russian lands to form an alliance with Koschei the Deathless and kill Horde Prime.

Red, in an effort to get rid of a Fox that could be a potential threat, hires an evil cat known as Pascal. While searching the forest Pascal discovers the Fox and the two animals fight. The Fox knocks the serial killer cat down, but the feline springs right back up. He leaps for the Fox, but she pounces at him and tears his insides out, killing him.

Oliver Cromwell attempts to fortify the city before Sigismund's Polish army launches an assault. The evil puppeteer Puppetino agrees to help the Lord Protector in exchange for a huge sum of money. He confronts a Polish Spy and attempts to turn him into a puppet, successful capturing him in strings. However, the Spy used his sword to easily destroy the strings, and proceeds to walk towards the puppeteer. Puppetino starts to flee, but the Spy strikes him. A second blow from the Spy’s sword is enough to kill his foe. The Spy begins to terrorise the townspeople, but Cromwell’s soldiers chase him away.

The muscular penguin Drake sees that a huge Sea Leopard is hunting him, but Drake refuses to give in to anyone in a fight even if his opponent is much bigger than him. He throws a rock into the seal’s mouth and then throws snowballs at the beast. The penguin is able to stall the predator for just long enough, and a huge Killer Whale swims in, looking for a meal. The seal retreats, but is caught and devoured, much to Drake’s glee.

Nigel the cockatoo accidentally wandered into someone else's yard of an evil Rooster who does not tolerate strangers at home. He challenges Nigel and they begin to fight. The cockatoo knocks the Rooster down and then charges into him, sending him flying into the water. For reasons unknown, the Rooster’s colour then washes away and he leaves, humiliated

Sitting in his lair, the Stalker sees that a new Hunter got into Jumanji, not wanting an unknown person to interfere with his plans, the Stalker decides to kill the stranger. The Hunter shoots at the Stalker, but his foe is unharmed. The cackling Stalker knocks the Hunter down, and kills him.

With the help of his alliance, Shere Khan finds out where Killer and the other Shere Khan’s lair is and decides to attack with his team. Akamimi alerts the tigers to the approaching enemies and Shere Khan rallies his Wolves. To counter this, his counterpart summons his Wolves. The wolf packs fight, and Akamimi joins the battle. The fox easily disposes of Tabaqui and the Hyena by kicking them, but the Lion joins the fray. Akamimi finds himself cornered on the edge of a cliff as the Lion advances towards him. The Lion strikes Akamimi and knocks him off the cliff. The former king roars, frightening the white Shere Khan and his minions. Upon realising that his forces are outnumbered, the white tiger flees, trampling his Tabaqui in the process. Before he can get far though, the Lion pounces on him and kills him. Killer runs for his life, climbing on top of an abandoned theme park ride to escape. The Soyuzmultfilm Shere Khan jumps up to join him, and knocks Killer off the theme park, and his nemesis falls to his death.

Horde Prime guesses about Keldor's secret plot and decides to form his alliance with Fairy Godmother and her son, Prince Charming, to deal with his enemies.

The Wolf and his wife discovered that a dangerous hunter named Shaw made his presence well-known in their forest, so the wolf called his familiars and friends to create a team and destroy Shaw.

After learning that Lucifer survived the fight with Rikuai, Viy convenes almost all the local evil spirits to unite.

Duncan and his new pet encounter Bra, who came to Russia to find her boyfriend. Duncan was glad to see his girlfriend, and now they will stick together.

The Mongolian leader Nightingale the Robber and his friends were sitting in their tent, and rejoiced at their victory over the Swedish army. But later the leader Tugarin Snake returned to them, saying that their troops should immediately get ready to go, however the Nightingale Robber at first didn't understand what was the matter, but then Tugarin explained his troops that he learned about the riches of Europe, causing the Mongolian troops to move in order to go to war in Europe.

In Japan, the king of the criminal underworld Shredder has learnt about the sinister Russian mafia threatening to conquer the world and doesn't intend to tolerate competitors on his way because he seeks to rule the whole world, recruiting the mad monk Rasputin to help him in his cause.

Part 3:

Koschei the Deathless and the Snow Queen decide to destroy their enemies together, as well as the mother of the Snow Queen Blizzard, who can talk to animals and is no less powerful than her daughter, joined them.

Rothbart meets his old friend Rasputin, during their conversation Rasputin told about the dangerous Russian mafia seeking to conquer the world with the help of new technologies. Rothbart agrees to help a friend.

In Byzantium. The Cretan King Minos came to Byzantium to visit his friend Emperor Basileus, Basileus tells his friend that he wants to take over Egypt and invites Minos to join him. Minos decides to agree, but on condition that most of Egypt will belong to his city.

Two friends Bluto and Yosemite Sam were drinking beer and talking amicably about old times when they were still young, Bluto suggests Sam rob a bank together and take a lot of money for himself. Yosemite Sam was only glad of this, he just needed money to get rid of his enemy Bugs Bunny.

Akamimi survived a heavy fall, but she was noticed by three wolves, the leader of Bunto offers the fox to join them, saying that wolves and foxes are not enemies, because he believed that foxes may be younger sisters of wolves who are not deservedly forced to be far from their older brethren. Akamimi decides to be close to her new acquaintances, because she understands that they do not wish her harm.

After the Fox killed Pascal, she meets her boyfriend the Killer Wolf. The wolf is in a hurry to take his Fox to his lair, because hunters are walking nearby.

The mad animatronic Springtrap saw the dangerous Thrax virus awaken, Thrax does not attack the rabbit, he invited Springtrap to join him as an ally to kill Kurochkin and his gang.

Yosemite Sam goes to rob the bank as planned, but he was blocked by a huge Raging Bull. Sam decides to eliminate the beast and blasts it with his pistols. This does not kill it though, and it charges at him once again. Sam then bashes the bull with a club, killing it. He proceeds to mount its head upon a stick to celebrate his victory.

Killer Wolf and Fox managed to escape from the hunters, but they are attacked by a larger and hungry wolf. This wolf attacks the Fox, but the Killer Wolf comes to the rescue and knocks this intruder down. He recovers quickly and they start to fight. After being knocked down again, Scar Snout strikes the Killer Wolf back, sending him tumbling down a ledge. Before he can finish him off though, the Fox distracts him, giving the Killer Wolf enough time to recover. The Killer Wolf then drags his opponent away from the Fox, and throws him into the water.

After defeating the Sea Leopard, Drake finds a new ally, which turns out to be the rat Jenner. Drake tells Jenner to kill the head of the wolf squad Wolf and his wife, in exchange for mutual services. Jenner tried to ambush the Wolf’s wife, but the Wolf catches him in the act and they fight. Each gets in one good blow before the Wolf stabs the rat with his knife. Jenner, now injured, tries to strike the Wolf with his sword, but the Wolf’s wife throws a knife into his back and he dies.

Catra and Ruber almost reached Koshchei's lair to ask the sorcerer for help in the war against Horde Prime. But unexpectedly, they are attacked by a Three-Headed Serpent resembling a Gorynych Snake. Catra and Ruber decide without hesitation to kill the monster, and Catra fires a harpoon into one of its heads, pinning the serpent to the ground. The two other heads collapse, but the harpooned one manages to free itself. It targets Catra with a fireball, but she dodges the attack. It corners her and prepares to burn her to a crisp, but Ruber slices it off from the rest of the body and the creature dies.

Bluto robbed a banana shop and went to look for Yosemite Sam, but he did not go far because the evil old lady Shapoklyak wants to take away his cart with bananas. Bluto was only angered by the impudence of Shapoklyak, and he would not allow the old woman to take away his honestly stolen bananas. She spits in his face, kicks him, and fires a slingshot at him. Enraged, he punches her and threatens her. She runs away, and he is able to keep his bananas.

Varrick found out about Duncan's presence in Russia and is trying to sign a contract with him to eliminate one of the most dangerous criminals wanted by Oliver Cromwell. Duncan refuses wanting to live in no crime, but Varrick was able to persuade him by promising in return a house in which Duncan and Bra could live. Duncan agreed to the murder of Karabas. He eventually finds the criminal, who unleashes his dogs on the boy. Duncan runs from the animals, but soon gathers enough courage to run back and knock them down. Karabas hits him with a whip and then strikes him with his hand, but Duncan hits him back, sending him tumbling down. The punk kicks him and kills him with a knife.

The cruel Mouse King finds out about the Wolf's forest alliance, wants to conclude a joint alliance with him. But he meets one of the Wolf's most dangerous henchmen, it was an evil Fox who also liked to eat rats. Not wishing to be eaten, the Mouse King injures the Fox with his sword, but she soon gets up and hits him with her tail. This causes the mouse to fall on hot coals, burning his own tail. She hits him again, but before he can fully recover, she leaps on him and devours him.

Horde Prime realizes that his forces are not enough to resist Keldor and his ally. He orders the Fairy Godmother to free the ancient evil Lich so that he can help them kill Keldor before he finds Koshchei. The reborn Lich agreed to help Prime in exchange for the fact that he would rule the universe instead of him, Hord lied that he agreed to give up his place as ruler, as he then decides to get rid of the Lich. When the Lich finds Keldor, he challenges him and they battle. Keldor charges at the Lich, but the Lich sends his sword flying away. Keldor throws a potion of acid at the Lich, but the undead villain sends the potion flying right back at him. The acid hits Keldor in the face and he flees, along with his henchmen that accompanied him here.

After Nigel defeated the Rooster and became the new owner of the yard, a muscular penguin Drake came to his border. The Penguin admired Nigel's act and invited him to join him, to which the Cockatoo gladly agreed.

Thrax and Springtrap see a stranger in front of them resembling fear itself, it turned out to be Pitch Black. Pitch offers two parameters to join the alliance of his sister Eris the goddess of chaos in order to destroy her long-time rival, the Snow Queen. Springtrap immediately agreed, while Thrax wanted to refuse, but Pitch Black persuaded him by saying that his old enemy Microbus was serving the Snow Queen. Upon hearing the name of the microbe, Thrax immediately changed his mind and agreed to join, wanting to meet with the Microbe again and kill him this time.

Sigismund's uncle understands that it will not be easy to defeat Oliver Cromwell's army, so he decides to lure the Pecheng army to the side of the Poles, led by Kurya, Giyar and Krivzha. Promising them huge wealth in Europe.

Keldor is transformed into Skeletor thanks to his new boss, Koschei. Catra and Ruber watch as this unfolds.

After losing to Catra and Ruber, the Serpent Sorcerer survives, but with the help of his magical abilities, he sees his brother Karabas being killed by Duncan. Enraged, the Sorcerer vows to avenge his brother's death and kill Duncan, with the help of his new recruits, Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat.

Part 4:

The Duke of the Vaults goes to the lair of the Skullmaster, asks him to join and tells him about his problem with trusting Quan Chi (since the Duke knows the legend of this sorcerer who serves Shinnok) and believes that he uses the armies of the underworld only to help Shinnok unite the Realms to bring back the One Being, to which the duke will not allow this to happen, and in return the master of skulls will become the new ruler of the Netherrealm, Skullmaster agrees.

Berlin, Hitler's great-grandson, the Chief Bourgeois, takes Germany's technology to a new level that surpasses the whole of Europe in development. With the help of higher science, Bourgeois was able to bring his great-grandfather Adolf Hitler back to life, but after a side effect, his great-grandfather began to behave like a wild predator, but the Main Bourgeois continues to look for a way to cure Hitler. The main goal of the Bourgeois is to capture the whole of Europe, and the final revival of a new Third Reich, but already more powerful as a state.

He is ready to do anything to achieve this goal, even if he has to put dangerous experiments on his soldiers turning them into evil mutants. Bunto and Akamimi warn their boss Shere Khan that another tyrant who made a deal with the former king of Africa is walking under his name, after hearing such news Shere Khan vows to destroy the impostor, at last he growls furiously.

The destroyer of the forests of Verlioka meets a live Oak and two Knackers on his way, the giant wants to break them as an extra target, but the Oak stopped him saying that it was created by the commander of the demons Beelzebub himself, and if he tries to attack them, he will regret it. The giant only laughed in response, not believing the words of the Oak, but soon the Oak rises to its full height, which scared the giant. But in order to kill Verlioka, Oak invites him to join himself, Verlioka agreed.

St. Petersburg, the leader of the Russian mafia Kurochkin, and his right hand Belladonna invite another bandit known as Frekenbok into their union. They also came to a common opinion that it is necessary to add an even more dangerous criminal from Europe, Ingenious Detective, to their mafia.

After learning the news from the Fox that his main enemy Drake is gathering allies to attack the forest, the Elephant asks the Fox to take him to the lair of the Wolf leader to strengthen his forces against Drake. But they are blocked by a huge Grizzly Bear who has been watching them all this time. The Bear hits the Elephant, causing the pachyderm to hit his head on some rocks. The Fox responds to this by sinking her fangs into the menace’s leg, and then biting his arm. This gives the Elephant enough time to recover. The Bear throws the Fox into the water, but he’s too late, and the Elephant is fully recovered. The Elephant hits him with his trunk, and then shoves the beast of a cliff. The Fox, who has emerged from the water, celebrates with her friend.

The resurrected Mok discovered a palace that reminded him of the Snow Queen's logo, but instead of his sworn rival, Mok saw the Snow Queen's mother Blizzard, and decided to confront her. She sees him and sends a giant shadow spectre to confront him, but he destroys it fairly easily with a few blasts of magic. Blizzard charges into battle with her wolves, but Mok shoots a hole in her precious veil, offending her. She charges again, but he shoots her in the chest with a blast hot enough to reduce her to water, and her wolves flee. Then the goddess that resurrected Mok, Eris herself, arrives to congratulate him.

Yosemite Sam has infiltrated John Silver's ship, believing he will find a lot of gold from the pirates. Pirate Captain John Silver provides for a stranger to leave, to which Sam only laughed in response, but not knowing that John Silver is famous for being the most cruel pirate of the seven seas. Silver sends his pirates to fight him, but they fall rather quickly after a few blasts from Sam’s pistols. Silver himself joins the fray, and uses his sword to destroy Sam’s hat, before hitting him with a hammer, sending him tumbling off a nearby cliff.

Lord Maliss arrives at the palace of the Evil Tsarina and offers her to become his lawful wife, Tsarina refuses but Maliss does not intend to back down. He attempts to force himself on her, but she punches him in the head and retreats. Maliss is not done yet, and she later finds him outside her window. He kills her with a blast of magic from his eyes.

The Hawk warns the Fox that there is a delicious rabbit walking near her burrow, which they could have lunch with later. The fox finds this rabbit, which turned out to be General Woundwort. She tries to ambush him, but he notices her and strikes at her with his paw. She fights back, and knocks him down. He leaps again, but she bites him and tosses him to the ground, killing him.

Hunter Sergey Frolov during the next hunt, Sergey listens to the barking of his dogs, and goes to help them. Their prey turned out to be the blue fox Scarface, Frolov immediately wanted to make this rare fox his trophy, but Scarface does not give up so easily, and pounces on the hunter. Frolov’s dogs don’t fare much better, retreating after Scarface strikes at them. However, as the fox leaves to drink, Frolov ambushes him, and shoots him twice. The first shot cripples him, and the second shot finally finishes him off.

Serpent Sorcerer found out the location of Duncan, and found the killer of his brother Karabas. A vengeful Sorcerer challenges Duncan to a deadly duel, but that punk agrees. The Sorcerer easily uses his magic to knock down Duncan, and summons a swordsman to fight him. Duncan is not strong enough to face the swordsman, who easily beats him up. The Sorcerer himself then sends the punk flying into a tree. Bra, who was knocked out in the middle of the battle, wakes up, only to be captured by Alice the Fox and Basillo the Cat.

After killing the Evil Tsarina, Lord Maliss infiltrated the ship of John Silver and Captain Hook. The pirates, hesitant to attack a powerful magician, listened to his suggestion that Maliss to have the wealth of Ireland together and without Oliver Cromwell. The pirates agreed that the sorcerer would be much better than Cromwell and secretly teamed up with Maliss.

After being defeated by Long John Silver, Yosemite Sam is joined by Cat R.Waul and his cats. Yosemite Sam is determined to take revenge on the cruel pirate for his humiliated defeat.

Having learned that the Poles went against Oliver Cromwell, Prince Lemon orders his deputy Senor Tomato to tell the Polish King Sigismund that their army is ready to support Poland in the war against Cromwell.

Duncan and his dog Bobby survived after the hard battle with the Sorcerer, but Bra was kidnapped and Duncan realized he could not save her alone much to his upset. Suddenly, Duncan's school friend Nagito Komaeda approached them, at first the guy is horrified to hear who Duncan had to face. But Nagito reassured his friend by saying that he has old friends who could help them.

Alice the fox and Basilio the cat saw that Duncan survived and hurried to warn their boss about this news. The Sorcerer understands that his sworn enemy will return again and this time ready. He decides to find more allies, but first Serpent Sorcerer goes to the captive Bra and curses her with his magic, turning her into a fox.

Part 5:

Eris and Mok find a new ally in the war against the Snow Queen, it turned out to be the treacherous sorcerer Shang Tsung. The sorcerer also promised that the mighty Emperor Shao Kahn himself could help them in this matter.

By order of the Wolf, the Fox leads the Elephant to his lair, the Elephant guarantees that his strength will be enough to defeat Drake, despite the fact that the penguin is also gaining strength.

Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow know that their forces may not be enough to defeat the Main Bourgeois, but they know that there is an equally dangerous person in this world who can help them, who is Shredder.

Ingenious Detective is staying in Germany in St. Petersburg to help the Russian mafia against Shredder.

Nagito Komaeda takes Duncan and Bobby to the laboratory of his old friend who can help them save Bra, they turned out to be the evil genius Mojo Jojo. The monkey says that once he also met with the Serpent Sorcerer and miraculously was able to escape. However, he also said that he knows how to defeat the Sorcerer, for this he will have to make an Agric sword capable of cutting the armored skin of a Snake. Mojo suggested to improve the skills of the puppy Bobby, so that in case of danger he could stand up for himself and even learn to speak a human language.

Tugarin Snake and his Mongol army stop near a huge castle, the Mongols want to capture the castle, since they think that a huge amount of gold is stored in it. However, the way into the castle is blocked by Bluto and a pair of lions. Tugarin ignores the lions and challenges Bluto to a brawl. Bluto lands some hits on the warrior, but Tugarin hits him right back. A powerful kick sends Bluto flying into a tree. When the brute recovers, the warrior impales him with a scimitar.

The Mouse Queen comes to the Egyptian palace of Pharaoh Rameses, planning to take away his throne. she is accompanied by her son, the young Mouse King. The pharaoh threatens the regal rodent with his sword, but she devours it, and bites his hand. The priests Hotep and Huy, decide enough is enough and attack the Mouse King with their staffs. When the young Mouse King runs to his mother, Hotep and Huy turn their attention to her, and blow her up with powerful fire blasts. The Mouse King escapes, bringing his mother’s crown with him.

The dark owner of the forest, the Beast, notices the Russian hunter Sergey Frolov in his possessions. The Beast hates hunters and decides to immediately destroy Frolov. He frightens away the hunter’s dogs, and intimidates Frolov. Frolov attempts to run away, but is knocked of a cliff. He survives, but his panicked attempt to shoot at the Beast merely causes him to break the ice below him, sending him plummeting into the water.

Kurochkin orders the Detective to find sea poachers to help the Russian mafia, Ingenious Detective sets off on a journey, but on the way he is attacked by a more dangerous killer known as Storm Shadow. At first, Storm Shadow easily deals with Ingenious’s attempts at fighting back by kicking him. The evil detective hits him with his cane, and begins to get the upper hand when he uses a ninja staff to fight as well. Storm Shadow does get one extra blow in, sending Ingenious flying into a puddle. Luckily for the detective he is skilled in the ways of combat and kicks Storm Shadow. He then shoots the murderer, slaying him.

Walking through the swamp, Thrax is a little behind Springtrap and Pitch Black, then he sees the Boko the Swamp King in front of him. Refusing to join the Pitch Black alliance, Boko decides to kill the virus. Thrax does not intend to die without taking revenge on the Microbus, and after enduring a slap from the creature, he thwarts his attempt to turn giant by knocking him back down into the murky water. Boko is not hurt, but soon he sees Springtrap and Pitch Black have noticed him. He retreats, terrified of the idea of facing all three opponents at once.

Professor Screweyes created a live scarecrow as an assistant for himself, and named him Pal Palych. But the revived Scarecrow refuses to serve the Professor, Screweyes decides to get rid of his creation, but Pal Palych has his trump cards up his sleeve.

A hungry Wolf goes hunting, he sees that Shaw a hunter has appeared nearby and wants to attack the hunter from behind. However, Shaw does not intend to be eaten by the Wolf, which is often called cowardly.

The Demon King asks his brother the Nightmare King to help defeat Viy, the Nightmare King agrees to help his brother, but will he have enough strength to defeat Viy's allies?

Sigismund's army is advancing on Kilkenny, but Oliver Cromwell managed to recruit more allies to defend the city, which were the ninja Zabuza Momochi and the Colonel. Is this enough to repel the attack of the Polish army, which was joined by the army of the Pechenegs?

Seeing that the enemies are retreating, Oliver Cromwell decides to get to King Sigismund and kill him. But Cromwell's allies refuse to follow him into the forest, believing that it could be a trap, then Lord Protector decides to go alone with the remaining soldiers into the forest, but is he ready for a sudden trap from the dangerous sorcerer Krivzha.

Sharptooth survived the terrible methiaritis that killed almost all the dinosaurs, but unexpectedly he meets a larger dinosaur named Rudy. Two surviving dinosaurs decided to become the new owners of the forest in which they live.

Nag and Nagaina arrive at their treasure mistress, the White Cobra, and learn from her that two other cobras, who also call themselves Nag and Nagaina, want to appropriate their treasures for themselves.

Ramses realized that the Mouse Prince would not rest until he took revenge on him for the death of his mother, the pharaoh's allies were Julius Caesar from Rome and The Fire Lord Ozai.

The Mouse Prince intends to carry out his revenge for the death of his mother, but realizing that he alone could not cope, the Prince joined the alliance of King Minos and Emperor Basileus.

Microbus tells his mistress that Mok is alive and killed her mother Blizzard. Enraged, the Snow Queen swears revenge, but the Microbus stopped her, saying that now their forces are not enough to resist Mok and his new allies. The Snow Queen decides to find more allies to increase her chances against Mok.

Bra saw how Serpent Sorcerer hires a Wolf and a Bear to keep an eye on Bra. Bra finds a hare and asks him to find Duncan and warn her that she has been turned into a fox and is being held captive not far from the forest thicket. The hare finds Duncan with friends and tells him the whole truth about what happened to his girlfriend, upset Duncan realizes that most likely they will need the help of magic to return Bra to its former appearance.

Part 6:

Hunter Shaw meets with old friends Elmer Fudd and the British Lord Victor Quartermaine Shaw is accompanied by his malamute Steele, who is tired of the fact that his life constantly depends on Shaw. Steele wants to go into the woods in order to live his life and not depend on anyone.

Krivzha returns the Shamakhan Queen to her youth.

Drake's union is being replenished, the Wolf Niju, the fox Farley and the huge bear Vincent who could even cope with an Elephant have joined it.

Yosemite Sam and Cat R. Waul strengthen their forces for the battle with John Silver and Tugarin Snake. They were joined by Buzz Buzzard, Archibald Snatcher, Nasty Canasta, Cottontail Smith, Cinder Fall and Blacque Jacque Shellacque. Sam intends to avenge the death of his friend and the sad defeat he suffered from John Silver.

While Yosemite Sam gathers forces, John Silver makes an alliance with Nightingale Robber and Tugarin Snake.

Seeing that his enemy, the Duke of Vaults, has survived and is coming with new allies, Koschei panics, but Skeletor calms him down by saying that he will improve Gorynych's Snake and make him much stronger than before. Skeletor improves Gorynych's Snake, but will it help them?

Hunter Elmer Fudd wants to catch a Fox and sell it to the zoo for a good price, the fox notices the hunter, will she be able to escape?

The evil pig Napoleon wants to take control of the animal farm, he hires a One-Eyed Wolf and his gang of wolves to help him eliminate the owner of the animal farm, Mr. Jones.

The Emperor of the Night noticed that he was being watched by a huge demon known as Unclean. The Emperor of the Night asked why the demon was following him, but the Unclean only smiled mockingly without waiting for an answer, the Emperor of the Night decided to destroy the enemy.

Having decided to appropriate all the riches of El Dorado, the Sorcerer Chernomor saw a huge skeleton of a dead Rikuai beast, believing that the mythical beast could be useful, Chernomor resurrects Rikuai. But they were spotted by an El Dorado priest named Tzekel Khan and his Giant Jaguar. Unwilling to give their wealth to the sorcerer, Tzekel Khan and the Giant Jaguar attack the outsiders.

Koschei and his allies believe that they have enough strength to defeat Horde Prime, suddenly the Snow Queen and her minion Microbus appear to them. Taking them for enemies, Skeletor wants to attack the uninvited guests, but Koschei stops him and says that he has known the Snow Queen for a long time, so she cannot be an enemy. During the conversation, the Snow Queen tells about the death of her mother Blizzard at the hands of Mok, asks Koschei and Lord Skeletor to help her avenge the death of her mother. Koschei agreed to help, but warned that first they need to deal with Horde Prime.

One wolf from the gang of the One-Eyed Wolf tells Napoleon that the Grand Duke of Owls has come to warn them about the impending threat, for this they decide to resurrect the dangerous rabbit General Woundwort.

After his defeat, the Duke of the Vaults returns to his house in order to consider the next steps, but to his surprise he saw two huge green-skinned aliens known as Cell and King Piccolo. But the appearance of Duke's wife Missi made him calm down and realize that Piccolo and Cell are not enemies. Piccolo talks about how he was brought back to life as he considered Death itself, which the Lich pretended to be. Unwilling to serve his "savior", King Piccolo was able to defeat the Lich, but could not finish him off. The Duke teams up with his new allies in the hope that now he will be able to defeat Koschei The Deathless and Lord Skeletor.

Part 7:

A Ingenious Detective comes to the ship of the Sea Poachers to warn them about a possible attack by the Foot Clan and the Cobra criminal organization. The Poacher Captain orders his men to prepare weapons for defense against the troops of Cobra Commander and the Shredder clan.

In New York, Shredder and Cobra Commander learned that Sea Poachers will join Kurochkin and the Chief Bourgeois and decide to go to Antarctica to eliminate Poachers.

Viy believes that their forces are not enough to defeat the Demon King, and therefore, together with Pannochka, he sent them to another change where they are still allies, but perhaps even new enemies.

Pitch Black and his friends team up with his sister Eris to help her in the war against the Snow Queen.

Duncan is still depressed that something bad could happen to his girlfriend Bra, suddenly a ruined Vegeta arrived for him. The Sayan Prince reproaches Duncan that the punk could not save his daughter from trouble, but Bulma stops him and now the husband and wife begin to swear. Fortunately, Nagito was able to calm them down, saying that now it is important to unite to save Bra, but everyone's attention is attracted by a crying Duncan reproaching himself for not being able to help Bra. But Bulma calms him down, saying that now everything will be fine and Bra will be saved because now they will work together. Duncan finally calmed down, and gained more determination to defeat the Serpent Sorcerer, but first they need to make an Agric sword that will be handled by Mojo Jojo and Bulma.