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Sour Bill is a secondary villain, turned into an anti-hero, in the Disney movie Wreck it Ralph. An armless and legless curly candy, serving the one he finds himself worthy, like King Candy or Vanelopee. Despite his sweet appearance, he is featured as a bitter and grumpy character, just as his name's implies. He is a secondary player, in the third part of Disney Villains War and the Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains. 

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Part of the Multi-Nation's Council

Both King Candy and Sour Bill are featured as council members of Pitch Black, during the earlier events of the third war. When Hopper persuades King Candy to rebel against Pitch and create a faction of their own, both King Candy and Sour Bill agree to his plan, as they find Pitch repulsive to their own thought.

Impisoning a God

While spending his time in the castle of King Candy, at Sugar Rush, Sour Bill is suddenly visited by the newly arrived, Hades. Findind the God of the Underworld worthless, Sour Bill triggers a lever, that topple Hades to the Fungeon, a dungeon beneath the castle.

Unknown Fate

Sour Bill is featured in the Battle of Sugar Rush, aiding his master against the Other Mother, though apparently not fighting after all. He does not make another appearance, in the tournament, especially, since King Candy's demise by the freed Hades. Whether he survives the battle or not remains currently unknown.

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