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"you're too slow"

Sonic the Hedgegog is is Kinda the Buggs Bunny to Mario's Micky Mouse. The star of his own seris(and lugcher of 1000 copyhogs), Sonic goes though his adventers to fight evil (uselly cuased by his arch-enemy Dr. ivo "eggman" robotnik),All while running as fast as he can.

He Has appeard in The Non Disney Villains Tournament and will apper in the Worst Hero and Villains tournament ever

Non Disney Villains Tournament

During the events of the tournament, Sonic falls to one of the multiple antics of Dr. Robotnik. The archnemesis uses his latest technology weapon, to turn Sonic into an evil machine robot, redubbing him now, Metal Sonic. For more informations about the character's later actions, see here.



  • He likes chili dogs.
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