Hun army

The Snowy Mountain is a geographical area in the Disney animated film, Mulan. It is the place, where the Hun warriors, led by Shan Yu, ambush Captain Li Shang's elite squad of trained troops, and attack them by surprise, yet in a more ironic twist, the Huns are easily overwhelmed as the heroine Mulan, destroys part of the mountain, creating an avalance in the process, sweeping away most of the Hun warriors.

In the villains wars context, the archive footage of the snowy mountain is used to represent Shan Yu's initial defeat by his opposal foes, like the Snow Queen in Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains, Jafar in the Disney Villains War, and the Mandarin in Disney vs. Marvel Villains. It also appears in the first Disney Heroes vs. Villains War, reminiscing it's role as it was in the original movie, but with extra continuities.

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