Slade from Teen Titans by john the

Deathstroke (else known as Slade) is one of the main villains of the television series Teen Titans. A skilled mercenary, fighter, and hit-man, usually employed by powerful crime lords, Deathstroke is a secondary player in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Deathstroke is hired by Black Mask, as the villain sends the hit-man to eliminate Roman Torchwick, his opposal rival, who humiliated him in the previous events. Deathstroke manages to locate the crime lord, before he would make his advance towards, him. When Torchwick opens fire at his enemy, Deathstroke easily deflects the blow. He then proceeds to clash with the crim lord, eventually knocking him out. Before he had the chance to eliminate him, a new threat emerges, as Torchwick's partner-in-crime, Neopolitan, disarms him from his weapon, freeing Torchwick from his grasp. The two of them then make their escape, by teleportation, infuriating Deathstroke.

Cartoon Villains War

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