Skullmaster's Dragon
Skullmaster's Dragon is a dragon owned by Skullmaster, originally appearing the TV series Mighty Max only at the episode "Blood of the Dragon", where it attacks Mighty Max. The Dragon plays a small role in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Cartoon Villains War

Worst Hero and Villain War Ever

The First Summoning

Skullmaster at first summons the dragon to his aid when fighting Shobu Kirifuda in a game of Kaijudo card game. The Dragon ends up creating smoke which eliminates Shobu's Bolshack Dragon. This leads to Shobu losing the battle, letting Skullmaster absorb the mana from Shobu's cards. He then uses the dragon to fly back to Hell.

The Second Summoning and Defeat

Later when Skullmaster arrives to Videoland and faces off against the Hero of Hyrule, Link, Skullmaster resummons the dragon to attack him and Princess Zelda with. Link ends up swinging on a rope against the Dragon, kicking it in the face. This does little to stop the Dragon and it breathes fire at Zelda's direction. Dragon then lands again, causing Link to roll out of the way and use his shield to block the Dragon's second fire breath. Skullmaster taunts Link as the fire almost overpowers Link's shield. Just then Zelda throws a plate which lets Link to shoot beams from his sword at the plate, which reflect at the Dragon and damage it. The dragon shoves Skullmaster away before it finally flashes away.

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