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Skitzo the Bear is a murderous cartoon bear from the 1920s. His cartoons were all destroyed in the 1920s because people who watched a full episode would become mentally insane and murder people. Now all we can find are the scraps recovered by animation historians...but should we really be uncovering these things?

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Skitzo the Bear, if that is his true, is a very powerful demonic entity and chaotic nature, believed to be one of the Overlords, but with power that rivals the Greater Demons or even considered one of them. Skitzo when he was had a horrible and disturbing demon appearance had heard of the already created cartoon island, this diabolically wanted to start an inhuman chaos there, so he was made the supreme ruler of Hell, the Devil, then created the ink demon, Bendy, Thus forming the three the Triumvirate of Terror, together they created a personal hell inside the Inkwell Isle without any hero being able to destroy them, even creating demonic legions that would torment the island for a long time, even for fun Skitzo killed victims so that the Devil made their dealings darker, including the birth of Puppet. It was not until King Morpheus appeared to end this disturbing nightmare on the island sending Skitzo and his comrades back to hell, yet that did not stop Skitzo and he decided to return a few years later but in its original form, a horrendous demon, that you would only see in your worst nightmares, and being worse than before even so between King Morpheus and Gandalf, who manage to banish a special portal sealing this time in the depths of hell itself, where "Skitzo" would not return. ... or perhaps if it will ?. For more information, regarding about her character, see here.

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