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Thall Sinestro is a major antagonist in the DC universe, first appearing in Green Lantern #7. An inter-galactic super-villain, wielding powerful rings, who appeared originally as a wise mentor and teacher to many students, including Hal Jordan, Sinestro's ambitions and dictatorial status, led him exiled from his homeland to the Antimatter universe. Ever since, he holds a strong grudge against his former pals, eventually becoming one of the greatest enemies of the super-hero Green Lantern, and, by extension, of his loyal subordinates, including his former student, Hal Jordan. He is a secondary player in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Associate of the Drej

Sinestro appears in the Epilogue of the second round, as a subordinate of the Drej. Particularly, the Drej Queen sends him on a mission on Earth, with the goal of exterminating the entire human race.

First Fight

During his survey on the universe, Sinestro is confronted by Ragnarok, who challenges the ring-wielder, by mocking his abilities. Enraged, Sinestro knocks him out with a light beaming, resulted by the yellow ring's powers. Ragnarok then unleashes a strong aura of super-force, straining much of Sinestro's power. However, he is not shown completely worn out, as Sinestro manages to hold off Ragnarok's attacks. The fatal blown is delivered by Sinestro, as he unleashes a burst of beam light out of his yellow ring, that hurls Ragnarok to an unknown part of the universe. Sinestro then makes his escape.