Simba as an adult

Simba is a young lion and the son of the Great Mufasa and Sarabi. He fights alongside the other animal heroes in Disney Heroes vs. Villains and in Heroes vs. Villains against the villains that threaten their homes.

Disney vs. Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Disney Heroes vs. Villains War

Heroes vs. Villains War

Disney vs. Comics

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Village fight

In a village a group of predators which is zira and soto along side sabor have come to kill all humans but 2 heroes see the predators attacking and decide to help the village of hunters it is a really tough fight for our heroes and their groups with simba attacking one of shangos men and tarzan fighting Diego to save a woman and her child. Can our heroes keep up with these savage killers?

Discover something

In the Outlands Scar and Zira returns to only know that her son Kovu is gone but they start to plan an attack on Simba because they think he was responsible for their son missing, But in the Pridelands as Simba and Tarzan recovers from the Village fight he goes to see Kiara only to find out that his daughter is gone so they set off but Simba tells Timon and Pumbaa to find her.


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