Siege is one of Dragaunus's henchmen and a secondary antagonist in the television series, The Mighty Ducks. An aggressive and brutal Saurian warrior. Siege is a minor competitor in the villains tournaments.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

Fighting...Or Not..?

When the Triceratons invade their hideout, Siege and the rest of the Saurians' fleet stand up to deal with their recent rivals, although Siege does not fight in the battle after all, even though he is presented in. Despite that, Siege is seen, along with the rest of the Saurians, to escape from their hideout, after it was severly destroyed by the Triceratons.

Defeat by Technique

After they rebuilt their previous destroyed base, the Saurians get a much more difficult challenge. As it was seen, the Mutants of Denebria caught them from behind, as the aliens decided to set their next phase of their plan, to annihilate the entire species of the Saurians. When Siege attempts to attack the mutants, he gets a response, by being knocked off by Karatti. After the mutants destroy once more their entire base, by flooding it with lava, the Saurians are forced once again to escape from their lair, as soon as possible.

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