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Shere Khan is a human-hating tiger who takes part in both the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war and the Disney Villains War. An intelligent and deadly predator, he usually works behind the scenes.

He is the primary villain of the Disney animated film The Jungle Book.


Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Vs Claudandus

The demonic hound, Red, sends out a serial killer cat named Claudandus to kill Kahn. As Khan investigates an abandoned down, Claudandus ambushes him. Kahn responds quickly, trapping Claudandus in a corner. In one of the most brutal finishers in Disney vs Non Disney Villains history, Shere Khan slices Claudandus's stomach open. He leaves Claudandus's evisceratedcorpse to burn in the newly sprung flames.

Associating with Zira

The bond between big cats proves strong, as Shere Khan informs Zira of her son's, Nuka's, death at the hands of Red. This information incites the crazed mother into action. Khan also reveals that the Horned King sent Nuka to his fate. Khan sits out for the remainder of the war, but remains in contact with Zira.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two

Allying with Zira

After the death of Zira's mate, Scar, the lioness loses most of her army. Left with only a small squadron of lions, Zira seeks aid from both Shere Khan and his underling, Kaa. Khan joins her alliance but questions Zira's leadership capacity. The emotionally fractured mother seems a tad too unstable for his tastes. Matters get only worse when Mirage arrives in the Pridelands; as she and Zira begin scheming the fall of Mumm-Ra, Scar's killer, Shere Khan grows suspicious of their true motives.

Vs Kaynar

Shere Khan encounters Kaynar while patrolling the Pridelands. He charges the warrior, but Kaynar punches him in the face. Shere Khan tries to attack again, but Kaynar's halberd keeps him at bay. Khan gets in butone lucky clawing, yet the attack only serves to delight the psychotic Kaynar. As Kaynar attacks again, Mirage enters the conflict and frightens Kaynar away. Khan grows enraged, cheated of a kill.

A Crushing Defeat

Beast Man, one of Mirage's assassination targets, tracks the villain to the Pridelands. The warrior has brought a crew of Shadow Beasts with him. Shere Khan severely claws and kills one of the Beasts. The tiger charges Beast Man, leaping across a gorge in order to kill his opponent. But Beast Man catches Khan mid-air. The tiger loses momentum, latching on to the opposite cliff. Just as Khan is about to get up, Zira slashes his paws. Khan falls down the gorge; just as he gets up, a falling boulder crushes and almost kills him.


However, Khan somehow survives. Embittered from his defeat, he discloses the weaknesses in Zira and Mirage's position to Mumm-Ra. However, this plan proves less than effective, as Mumm-Ra's forces are nearly wiped out in the Battle of the Pridelands.

Disney Villains War

Hunter or Hunted?

Clayton arrives in the jungle in hopes of killing Shere Khan. Before the hunter can shoot Khan, the tiger pounces and knocks him down. He then uses his claws to tear Clayton's primitive rifle to pieces. When Clayton draws hi machete, Khan leads him into a patch of vines, eventually using his claws to drop yet more onto the hunter. Shere Khan watches as Clayton accidentally commits suicide by cutting too many of the vines and hanging himself.

A Sister's Revenge

Shere Khan then encounters Lady Waltham, Clayton's sister. Though initially unimpressed by the female hunter, Shere Khan grows bloodthirsty after she shoots him with a blowdart. He pounces, and Waltham stumbles. The cat then pursues her to a cliffface. Though Waltham makes it to the other side of a gorge, Shere Khan has to leap across.He manages to hang on to the other side, but the rocks give way. By the end of the battle, he is trapped within the gorge, where he presumably starves.

Disney Villains War Reboot

Shere Khan appears in the reboot series in a role different than the original script. He appears as an ally of Scar. In the wake of Tublat's defeat, Scar and Shere Khan move operations to Tublat's former territory in the African jungles, wanting to claim the land for themselves.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs MetalEtermon

MetalEtemon has decide to conquer the Jungle first, spreading his message across the Jungle, Khan will not allow a foolish monkey in having the power to rule the jungle and a fight engages. Shere Khan might be strong and fast but can he beat a Digimon made of metal?

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part 2

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Vs Charizard

After hearing Ash being locked up, Prince John decides to put his new plan, as he is approached by a tiger known as Shere Khan whom the prince could use his help. Shere Khan accepts his offer, and decides to take down the Fire Pokémon, Charizard. But unknown to John, Shere Khan is afraid of one thing...fire.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Accepting Scar's tyranny

After secretly murdering his brother Mufasa, the lion Scar ascended to the throne as king of the African savannah. Scar was supported by his hyena lackeys Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed and the conniving tiger Shere Khan, but the Indian man-cub Mowgli didn't trust the predator.Taking advantage of Scar's weakness, Mowgli, Baloo, and Bagheera escaped into the jungle, leaving Scar and Shere Khan to look on in annoyance.

A meeting on Forbidden Mountain

In her citadel atop Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent met with her allies, including a new face, the pirate Captain Hook. She sent her raven familiar Diablo out to search the world for groups of heroes.

Warning Kaa

Back in the Pride Lands, Kaa returned to Shere Khan in failure. The tiger gave Kaa a warning of his own, telling him he would not hesitate to kill the python if he failed again.

Meeting the hunters

Back at Pride Rock, Scar and Shere Khan were surprised to find the humans Mcleach, Gaston, the cattle rustler Alameda Slim, and the poacher Clayton had driven off the remaining lionesses who were still loyal to Mufasa and Simba on Maleficent's orders. The hunters departed, leaving Scar and Khan in control of Pride Rock, though Mcleach warned the cats that Maleficent had given them permission to hunt them down if they made trouble with her human allies.

Playing with Simba and Tarzan

Back on Earth, informed by Kaa of how Tarzan had refused Simba shelter, Scar and Shere Khan plotted to play the two against each other.While Simba recovered at the oasis where Timon and Pumbaa had raised him after his father's death, he was approached by Shere Khan. Though Simba was wary of the tiger, Khan allayed his suspicions by telling him that he was working with Simba's uncle, Scar. He told Simba that Tarzan was a threat that could not be ignored, explaining that Scar's servants had discovered that Tarzan was planning an attack on the Pride Lands.

Vs Denahi

On Pride Rock, Scar began to question Shere Khan's ability, since he had not yet participated in any of the battles himself. To show his true strength to Scar, Khan decided to attack a human village on the borders of the Pride Lands where, coincidentally, Denahi had just arrived to find recruits to drive out Ratcliffe's forces. As Khan emerged from the shadows and began attacking the villagers, Denahi and the village leader Atka rallied to drive him back. Despite the village warriors surrounding the tiger, Khan managed to inflict wounds on both Atka and Denahi in turn. Atka seized a torch and threw it at Khan, setting the brush on fire and forcing Khan to flee. However, the headstrong Denahi was not willing to let Khan get away and began throwing rocks at him. Khan charged, but Denahi saved himself by hitting the tiger over the head with his spear. Brushing the blow off, Khan retreated back into the jungle, losing Denahi. Angry with Denahi for antagonizing Khan and prolonging the fight, Atka refused to join him.

Vs Kerchak

Although there were some setbacks along the way, Scar and Shere Khan's plot to sow discord between Simba and Tarzan went largely according to plan. One final thing needed to be done: they would murder Kerchak, alpha male of the gorilla troop and Tarzan's adoptive father, making it seem as if Simba had ordered the deed. As Zira's lions attacked a group of female gorillas, Kerchak emerged from the bushes to defend them. Shere Khan pounced on the mighty ape, but Kerchak caught him in midair and threw him back. Scar lept in from behind, knocking Kerchak down, but he recovered and pinned Scar to the ground. Noticing Khan coming around for another attack, Kerchak charged at the others but Zira slashed him as he approached, knocking him to the ground again. Mowgli, Timon, and Pumbaa, hearing the commotion, came to investigate as Scar ordered the hyenas to finish the job. Kerchak was no match for the sheer number of hyenas and was brutally mauled, despite Timon and Pumbaa knocking a few aside. Zira and Khan attacked the meddling duo, knocking them into the waiting coils of Kaa. Mowgli tried to escape and warn Simba of what was happening, but Kaa caught up to him and hypnotized him, taking him and the others off to eat. Scar, Khan, and the other villains left the mortally wounded Kerchak for Tarzan to find.

Continue playing with Simba

As Simba returned from the fight with Ratcliffe, Shere Khan was waiting for him, telling him that Tarzan had been hired by Ratcliffe to kill him. The only solution was for Simba to strike first.

Meeting with the hunters(Again)

At his hideout in the Pride Lands, McLeach and his hunting party discussed the fall of Ratcliffe. As if the defeat of their ally wasn't bad enough, it also turned out the fine print on the permit Alameda Slim had gotten from Winkie only permitted hunting in the forests of the Native Land which, thanks to the Firebird, had all been burned to the ground. At that moment, Scar and Shere Khan arrived with orders from Maleficent. Though McLeach was reluctant to accept any more work from Maleficent given how the war had been going, Scar promised them the opportunity for the hunt of a lifetime. Scar explained that Maleficent was planning to unleash the Firebird once again in order to summon Chernabog; McLeach and his hunters were to drive the forest animals into the Pride Land jungles while Scar's forces kept them from escaping. When the Firebird arrived, it would destroy the jungle and all the animals inside as a sacrifice to Chernabog. The hunters would have until the sun set to enjoy their hunt and take down as many of the animal heroes as they could before making their escape. Scar also told them that if they came across the Spring Sprite, they were to kill her on sight to prevent her from banishing the Firebird from the mortal plane again. Though McLeach didn't trust Scar, he agreed that his band had been idle for too long, and decided to follow through with the plan. As the hunters departed, Amos Slade pondered the strange events this hunting trip had brought and wondered just what he had gotten himself into.

Talking with Scar

Meanwhile, Shere Khan was slinking off to Pride Rock when Scar stopped him, urging him to stay and watch the heroes be consumed by the Firebird's inferno. Khan agreed to stay, but also asked how Scar knew if the hunters would be able to escape. Scar replied that he didn't.

Battle with Forces of Nature

As the fire grew worse, Scar and Shere Khan confronted the Forest Elders, who were protecting the Spring Sprite from the chaos. To make matters worse, the Firebird finally arrived and began unleashing its inferno. The Forest Elders urged the Sprite to flee while they held off Scar and Khan.

As Merlin and his allies arrived, they found themselves in the middle of an already heated battle, and were soon surrounded by Scar and Khan's hyenas. Seeing Scar and Khan trying to flee, Simba and Tarzan gave chase as the other heroes arrived.

As Scar and Khan were backed up against a cliff, with the Firebird's flames raging below, they turned to see Tarzan and Simba had followed and were eager to stop their reign of terror. As Shere Khan tried to work his silver tongue on Simba again, Simba shut him down, saying that he was done listening to his lies. Scar tried to shift the blame onto the hyenas by claiming that the plan was their idea, not knowing that Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed had followed them and heard everything, withdrawing in anger. As the heroes demanded they leave the Pride Lands, never to return, Scar swiped burning embers at the heroes, scratching Tarzan and temporarily blinding Simba. Shere Khan lunged at Simba, pinning him to the ground; Tarzan attacked Scar, but was overpowered as well. However, Tarzan recovered and managed to knock Scar off as Khan brutally attacked Simba. Intervening, Tarzan drew Khan's ire, but deftly managed to evade the tiger's attacks. While Tarzan was distracted, Scar attacked him from behind, breaking his spear, while Khan tackled Simba, knocking them both from the cliff. Tarzan helped Simba back up; while Khan managed to climb back as well, he noticed that a burning branch had become entangled in his tail. Khan fled in terror as Scar faced off against both Tarzan and Simba.Looking away from the gruesome murder, they saw Khan fleeing towards Pride Rock.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Villains Battles


Having heard of Scar's zero human plan, the tiger Shere Khan decides to follow Scar in his next moves, unaware that a powerless hunter is actually stalking him.

Vs Iron-Masked Marauder

In India, the tiger Shere Khan was terrorizing the jungle until the Iron Masked Marauder arrives. As the Iron Masked Marauder brings his Pokémon to hunt the tiger, Shere Khan easily knocks them down after being knocked down by the Pokémons as well. The tiger than proceeds to smash the Iron Masked Marauder's machines as he's able to survive. Unfortunately, that doesn't last long as Shere Khan knocks him down and proceeds to tear him apart offscreen.

Teaming with another tiger

In the jungle, Shere Khan allies with an anime version of himself to kill 2 threats: the hunters and join forces with a certain lion and its hyenas.

Joining Scar

After Lady Waltham's death, Scar and the hyenas decide to stay out from the war. However they are confronted by Kaa and the two Shere Khans, who they want to join forces with the lion in order to stop the hunters once and for all. Without further problems, Scar accepts.

Informing Scar

Shere Khan informs Scar about the anime version of Shere Khan's death at the hands of a hunter. However, a Pokémon named Darkrai appears to join forces with the lion and his alliance, which they welcome him in.

Vs Two Hunters

Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith, from orders of McLeach and Clayton, try to find where Scar is, but they find themselves cornered by Shere Khan and Kaa, who were sent by the lion to take them out.

Vs Clayton's Forces

Now, the battle between Scar's alliance and McLeach's alliance has begun. While Scar is chased by McLeach, Zira and her forces decide to take out the rest of McLeach's allies.

Vs Jenner

While Scar, the hyenas, Darkrai, Ratigan, Pinky and the Brain are away to help Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance, Zira enters in the NIMH colony, where Jenner and the mice are talking about her for an alliance. The lioness refuses and the mouse is angry. During this battle to the death, Shere Khan decides to help his queen and ally.

Vs General Woundwort

While Scar is out helping Pete and Yosemite Sam, Shere Khan decides to help his friend by taking out one of his hated enemies. He then finds the evil rabbit General Woundwort, who plots to take out Scar when he finishes helping the criminal duo. Now it's a rabbit vs tiger fight, but who will win and who will become the prey?

Prepared for the final battle

Meanwhile, Shere Khan and Zira plan their next move without Scar. However, the returning Kaa encounters the two as he informs them that not only they have new friends, but also 3 threats joined forces with the intention to take over the Pride Lands. As now Zira declares war on the three mysterious players, much to Shere Khan and Kaa's charging

Vs Mouse King Forces

Zira and her group travel to France following Kaa's instructions however they must deal with the Mouse King and his allies (the husky Steele and the penguin Drake), who want to take them out in order to rule the Pride Lands with Scar absent.

Shere Khan in the Live-Action Universe

Villains Battles 2

Arriving in Underworld

In the Underworld, souls of old faces from last war begin to arrive. When the new lord of the dead sees a soul of his ally and three souls of allies related to Pete, Scar and Yosemite Sam, decides to revive them and recruit them for Hades' alliance.

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains War

Joining to Scar

Scar hears about Clayton's Death, and becomes worried that there is a new top predator. So, he recruits Shere Khan, Kaa, Zira, Sabor and Ushari to deal with the creatures.

Vs Wally Warbles

Scar sends Shere Khan and Sabor to deal with a bird named Wally Warbles, who's invaded his territory. The two Felines arrive to Wally, but he knocks out Sabor before knocking down Khan with his feathers. However, the two recover and defeat him.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Teaming with Scar

Scar celebrates his coronation and makes a team with an old friend, Shere Khan.

Disney vs Transformers Villains War

Vs Thunderhood

The tiger Shere Khan was out on a hunt targeting some prey however he notices some humans in the Jungle as he scared them off but he notices Thunderhood not wanting him on his property as he charges at him however he fights back but Thunderhoof causes an Earthquake to happen allowing a portal to open up however when Khan was about to kill him they both get sucked in to unknown areas.

Teaming with Scar

Shere Khan arrives in the Pride Lands and forms an alliance with Scar.

All Out Heroes vs Villains War

Vs Chirin

While doing his usual hunting spree, Shere Khan spots a little sheep and decides to devour him, but someone very important for Chirin sacrifices her life to save her son's life.

Teaming with Bubu

Shere Khan finds Bubu and decides to recruit him to aid his master's faction. If Bubu joins, he will become the Co-Leader of this mysterious faction alongside its current leader.

Meeting Scar

Shere Khan introduces Bubu and his minions to his friend, Scar. As they get to know each other, Bubu quickly accepts into aiding Scar as his Co-Leader.

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs Van Pelt

In the jungle, the hunter Van Pelt hopes to get a thropy by hunting down the bengal tiger known as Shere Khan. The hunter may be merciless, but the tiger can be far worse.

His faction

Shere Khan recruits new allies for a incoming war against his worst enemy.Shere Khan informs Kaa of a plan to kill Scar that may work much to the snake's dismay. However they are visited by Bubu, who plans to merge his faction with Shere Khan's faction. The tiger intrigued and interested, accepts his offer.

Vs Claudaunus

Shere Khan decides to go and take out Scar before he can cause more damage since Scar Snout's death. However, in the middle of his research, he's confronted by an ally of the king, Claudandus.

Trying to kill Scar

And Shere Khan sends his latest ally to get rid of Scar himself.

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Vs Littlefoot and Cera

Shere khan was hungry and wants a little snack and he sees 2 young dinosaurs and it looks like he found something to stick his claws into but these dinos can fight.

Meeting Plankton

Shere Khan who survived his fight with Littlefoot goes to Plankton with the knocked out Sharptooth for him to use at his will, Plankton decides to use this opportunity to take out his enemy Krabs once and for all.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Teaming with Scar

Scar decide to add an old friend in his faction.

Vs Ludo and Duke Igthorn

Toffee decide to deal with some of Scar's forces, so Toffee decide to send Ludo with Duke Igthorn to kill two of his allies. They found Shere Khan and Sabor searching for Vitani. What the felines didn't know is that Igthorn's army is far more powerful than them.

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

Vs Vulture

While he was wandering through the jungle Shere Khan is attacked by the Vulture, can the tiger beat the metal bird?

Teaming with Scar

Shere Khan visits Scar to ally with him against who might come to annoy them following the clash between the Vulture and the tiger and Scar accepts with great happiness.

Meeting Scar's wife

At the cliff of the kings Scar receives the visit of his wife Zira and his son Nuka who would like to join his alliance, the lion confronts Shere Khan and they decide to accept the request, welcoming the two with open arms together with the hyenas and the alliance it sets itself the goal of doing great things.

Vs Killer Croc

With Scar and Zira absent, Shere Khan has to guard the cliff of the kings, at some point Killer Croc arrives who wants to become the new king, taking the place of Scar, the first step to do so is to kill one of the members of the lion alliance.

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Teaming with Scar

Scar and the hyenas after killing Elmer receive an unexpected visit from Shere Khan and Kaa.The tiger informs Scar that the other hunters who were Fudd's partners are coming here to avenge him. Then Shere Khan and Scar decide to join forces to send back or kill their attackers.

Vs Amos Slade and Mc.Leach

At the hunters' refuge, Amos Slade asks Mcleach and the Masked Marauder for help to avenge Elmer's death at the hands of Scar. Mcleach finding it unfair that one of their hunting companions has been killed sets off with Amos Slade to hunt Scar. But instead of the lion they find Shere Khan and Kaa who were waiting for the invaders to arrive to finish them off. Who will win?

Vs Elmer Fudd's Forces

Scar, the hyenas, Shere Khan, Kaa and Darkrai are ready to face the latest and decisive invasion by Elmer, Mcleach and the Iron Masked Marauder. Taking advantage of the confusion of the battle, Scar tries to lure Elmer away from his fellow hunters to weaken him. While Shere Khan and the others will take care of the other hunters. Kaa also succeeded thanks to hypnosis to bring in a new ally. Who will be and who will win? The hunters or the forces of Shere Khan?

King of Pride Lands

After the victory over the hunters, Scar, Shere Khan, Darkrai, Kaa and the hyenas take control of the Rock of the Kings. From that moment their reign in the Pridelands begins.

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)

Vs Scar and Darkrai

Scar has been ruling Rock of Kings for two months and Shere Khan is fed up with his rule. So he and Kaa decide to organize a plan to overthrow Scar and become the new ruler of the Pridelands. But Darkrai spies on everything and informs Scar of the betrayal. Will Scar keep his throne or will Shere Khan unseat him?

His faction

Shere Khan has managed to survive and does not intend to give up ousting the throne of Scar. So flanked by an alliance that had been created in secret during the two-month reign of Mufasa's brother (consisting of Drake, Ernie the Giant chicken, Dusknoir and Sableye), the tiger vows to eliminate Scar and his followers once and for all.


Shere Khan was pleased with Drake's work in killing Scar's son, Nuka. The purpose of the tiger alliance (made up of him, Kaa, Drake, Dusknoir, Ernie the chicken and Sableye) is to make Scar suffer by eliminating all of his deepest bonds (e.g. his son Nuka). At that point the angry lion would launch a rash attack on them with disastrous results and the Rock of the Kings would fall into the hands of Shere Khan. The only way to make Scar's anger grow is to eliminate his wife, Zira. Drake sure to do it as he did with Nuka volunteers again.

Animated vs CGI Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs King Koopa

King Koopa starts causing terror in the jungle and decides to defeat one of its residents, Shere Khan by sending him "soldiers" after him. The tiger defeats with ease them, but can he defeat the koopa king or has the king a sleeve?

In Scar's faction

After Darkrai's assassination attempt, Scar recruits more animals including his saviours to defeat threats from another world.

Vs Dr.Fetus

Dr. Fetus, seeking for an alliance to end the rivalry between men and animals, decides to forge an alliance with Scar's main enforcers, Zira and Shere Khan. Unfortunately for him, the two beasts mock him. The next day, the doctor decides to matters in his own hands by dealing with them.Shere Khan and Zira, after their defeat against Dr. Fetus, decide to inform Scar to take strict measures to take down Darkrai and the new risen threat.

Disney,Non Disney,DC and Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

In Scar's faction

Scar gathers his faction for war against any threat that will stand in his way.

Disney Vs DC Villains War

Vs Cheetah

Plotting a plan to take over all Africa, Scar and Shere Khan are attacked by Cheetah, who wants to rule Africa for herself. She may look like a mutated cheetah, but the King and the servant aren't afraid of using their claws on another animal.

Joining Scar

Scar, now fed up with invaders in his kingdom, gathers his faction to take care of the possible threats that might try to take on him as Scar plans something as well.

Vs Bud and Lou

Gorilla Grodd orders Bud and Lou to go and take out Shere Khan, who is deemed as a threat to his plans and to weaken Scar's faction. As they attack the tiger, the latter reveals he is not so easy to defeat...

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

All Star Villains War

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War - Part Two