Shellshock (Also known as Ivan Von Shellshocktonberg) is a minor antagonist in video game Ratchet: Gladiator. He is one of the Exterminators of DreadZone. He appears in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

Guarding The Kronos

Vexx, Rayman, Guybrush Threepwood and interfering Spyro the Dragon all face off against Shellshock after defeating some of the DreadZone guards. Shellshock attacks by launching a large amount of bombs in the air, which Spyro smoothly avoids, and then creates a shockwave. With Guybrush not being as athletic as other heroes, Spyro ends up saving the Mighty Pirate by pushing him to the side as he takes the damage from the shockwave. Rayman ends up finding another Laser-Washing Powder canister and fires a shock rocket at Shellshock, defeating him.

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