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Shego is a formidable, cunning, beautiful, and devious fighter who plays a secondary role in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains role; she plays a far greater role, acting as Zurg's partner in the first Disney Villains War. A martial arts expert gifted with green pyrokinesis, Shego is the main villainess from the Disney TV series, Kim Possible.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains - Part Two


Sheila Go was a student at Evile Academy. She caused fear among the student body. She never even bothered to study for Professor Technus's test. The test caused fellow student, Drew Lipsky, got into a violent fight with Professor Technus, resulting in Drew being scarred and his skin being dyed blue, Sheila decided she had had enough. She decided to show her true powers. Sheila threw a blast of green plasma at Technus, knocking him into some lab equipment and killing him. This caused a fire to engulf teh academy which the students, including Sheila, escaped from. Eventually, Shego made her way to the Fire Nation, where she met a depressed Princess Azula in a tavern. As the two got to know one another, something clicked between the two of them, and the two shared a night of passion. However, Azula quickly concluded that the scandal of their romance would hinder her rise to the throne. Shego begged Azula to stay with her, but Azula refused. The two then grew apart, and began to hate one another....

An Encounter with Azula

Having been impressed by his partner Xanatos' ally Demona, Dr. Drakken decides to send his ally, Shego, out to prove her worth. Shego sets out to investigate Fire Nation activity on the nearby seas. There, she encounters Princess Azula. The two young women come into conflict, after Shego insults the Fire Nation royal. Azula attacks first with a blast of lightning but fails to hit Shego. The Disney villainess fights back, holding her own until Azula knocks her into the mast of the ship. Shego retaliates, knocking Azula over the side of the ship and into the sea.

Freeing Xanatos: Taking Down Hun and Stockman

During the seige on the Shredder's citadel, Shego and Drakken infiltrate the building to shut down the security system, unaware that Hun and Baxter Stockman are watching. Shego challenges Baxter, now in a huge exo suit, to a battle. Baxter accepts, using his extending robot hands to keep Shego at a distance. She is able to escape the hands, but is soon met with a flurry of missiles. She is able to counter them. Baxter strikes her once, gloating in his victory, but Shego attacks anew, severly damaging Stockman's robot suit. She then picks up a nearby rocket launcher and blasts Stockman out of the building to his apparent death.

A Critical Meeting

Shego & Drakken meet up with their allies to plan their next move againt the Fire Nation. Shego wishes for a rematch with Azula, hoping to kill the princess once and for all.

An Attack from the Dark Hand

Drago, desperate to stop Valmont from gaining another talismin, interrupts Shego during her spa day. The dragon-humanoid offers her a vast sum of money to obtain the artifact first. Never one to let an offer like this drop, Shego accepts. Shego arrives on the scene just as Hak Foo, a member of Valmont's Dark Hand, does, leading to a fight. Shego attacks first with a blast of fire, knocking Foo down, but he retaliates and sends her through a wall. After a back and forth series of shots and attacks, Foo eventally gains the upper hand and defeats Shego, obtaining the artifact for Valmont.

Fighting the Baroness with Red

Angered by Red's arrogence, believing that he can take down the Baroness alone, Shego follows him on his mission, at Drakken's request. As Red and Baroness fight each other, Shego joins in the fray, but Baroness shoots her. Shego counterattacks, and knocks the Baroness from her truck. Red then forces the Baroness to reveal herself as Zartan, Cobra's master of disguise.

An Untimely Rematch

Finally getting what she wants, a chance to kill Azula, Shego accompanies Drakken and his allies on a seige of the Fire Nation. The Senior Seniors blast down the Fire Nation's walls, and Drakken's forces storm in. Shego decides to first watch how things unfold between the two factions, but Azula spurs her into action, attacking Drakken's partner furiously. Azula corners Shego, and with a blast of lightning at point blank range, obliterates her. Drakken and his forces then flee.

Disney Villains War

Betrayal of the Planet

Shego heads out with Drakken for a time, but Drakken ends up getting himself killed by the Mad Doctor. Shego, therefore, seeks help elsewhere. She turns to Emperor Zurg, becoming his right-hand woman in his conquest of the planet.

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Cartoon Villains War

Vs Baroness

Seeking to tie up a loose end left after Cobra’s conflict with Dr. Drakken, the Baroness (one of the Commander’s top operatives) sought to eliminate Drakken’s former second-in-command, Shego. Tracking her down to a remote location, Baroness entered Shego’s hideout and confronted her. Shego, however, was determined not to go down without a fight, and knocked the Baroness back with a blast of fire. Changing tactics, the Baroness tried to gain the high ground with a jetpack, only for Shego to throw a spear into it, forcing her back to the ground. Baroness then revealed a grenade and threw it at Shego. Although she was able to dodge the grenade, the force of the resulting explosion threw her into a wall. Unfortunately for Baroness, this only angered Shego, who bombarded her with several blasts of fire in quick succession. Severely wounded by this assault, Baroness was forced to retreat as Shego taunted her.

Joining Mojo Jojo

However, while the Commander reveled in his victory, Drakken’s second-in-command, Shego, managed to escape.

Shego, realizing that the recent attempt on her life would most likely not be the last, decided to seek out a powerful ally in hopes of surviving the war. Hearing that Mojo Jojo was building up an army, she traveled to the Ice Kingdom and offered him a partnership, which Mojo gladly accepted.

Obtaining to Chemical X

Mojo Jojo has been continuing his experiments to create intelligent animal super-soldiers. Discovering that the only missing ingredient is Chemical X, Mojo sends Shego to retrieve the last of it from a businessman named Dick Hardly. Things escalate however, when Hardly refuses to hand over the Chemical X, instead using it to transform himself into a giant monster,but Shego defeats him and take the Chemical X.

Using the Chemical X retrieved by Shego, Mojo Jojo creates an army of mutated apes. With their army finally assembled, Mojo and Shego prepare to advance in the war.

Taking Cobra's Island

Wanting revenge for Dr. Drakken's defeat, Shego pressures Mojo Jojo into retaliating against Cobra by launching an attack on Cobra Island. Meanwhile, the Commander departs to see to some business with Skeletor's faction, leaving the island under the protection of Destro. Shortly afterward, Mojo arrives with his army of apes, quickly overrunning Major Bludd and his troops as they attempt a defense.,but Mojo's army was more powerfull and takes control of island.

Meanwhile, backed by his massive ape army, Mojo Jojo is finally able to conquer his old home, Townsville, as he and Shego, planning to dominate the entire world, begin moving into Shredder's territory.

Vs Demona

Amidst the chaos outside, Demona infiltrates Mojo Jojo’s lair, hoping to kill Mojo herself. However, as she makes her way into his throne room, she instead encounters his second-in-command, Shego. The two femme-fatales engage in combat. While Shego initially takes the upper-hand, she makes the grave mistake of underestimating Demona.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two 

Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two


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