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Disney Vs Anime Villains War


In an old file Dr. Eggman finds his Grandfather Diary, about a creature name "Shadow" that will bring total destruction and even show and image about that creature. But a batty lady is spying the Doctor.Arriving at Doof' Prison Island Eggman finds the creature Shadow, Eggman starts working and pulling some strings to get the machine to start working, but once the creature show's in-front of the doctor. Eggman is surprised by the result.

Vs Norm

At Doof's Island, Dr. Eggman awakens the ultimate life form: Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow decides to work with the doctor. Norm and old robot of Doof is reactivated and attacks the intruders, giving Shadow a great time to show his power to Eggman.

A new mission

Meanwhile, Team Dark has been regrouped by Eggman, by a simple task to obliterate Drakken from this life. Giving to Shadow, Rouge and Omega a special order, to make this mission a success as a spy tells them about Drakken's location.

Vs Dr.Drakken Forces

Team Dark starts their assault on Drakken's base, Omega and Eggman confront the robot guards to distract Drakken of his true plan. Shadow goes to the weaponry central ready to activate the bomb, while Rouge take's care of DNAmy and her creatures.Drakken wants to deal with Shadow personally, as Eggman arrives at the scene to help Shadow. Rouge is beaten by DNAmy's creature and Omega assist's Rouge and helps her with this monster. Will Drakken be the triumph or will the secret finally be revealed of the tragedy that happened many years?

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Vs Gantu and Mr.Kat

Now with the information The Skeleton King has, he needs all 7 chaos emeralds. After the war with the Metarex the emeralds fall in the Planet Earth. In orders from the King, Gantu and Mr. Kat most go to retrieve them from where it was the Tri State-Area. But there's one person taking care of Eggman's place and he will not tolerate intruders and sends Eggman's top men and robot to deal wit this problem.

in the universe CGI

Animated vs CGI Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs Scar and Nuka

Scar asks his son Nuka if he is willing to help him take down Darkrai and the other invaders. However, they are interrupted by Shadow the Hedgehog, who wants to conquer the Pride Lands for his own. However this might be the chance for Nuka to show how he can deal with the black hedgehog unless father and son need help...